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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Sugar, Delaney and Madeline

This past Saturday, we attended the rally for our local JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes.

This will be our third year of participating in the Walk, so this was our third rally. Most of the material presented was – dare I say it? – boring. It was simply a repeat of past rally programs. As a result, my mind drifted, and memories of our first rally rolled in.

The most memorable person at our first rally was Mrs. Candy Hearts. She gave the most moving presentation. She had brought with her a big bucket full of the used syringes collected during the first year of Sugar’s life with diabetes. That bucket blew me away. All those syringes! There had to be more than a thousand of them, if not two thousand! It was at that moment that I no longer felt so alone on this journey. I had the visual proof that other parents were injecting their kids with insulin, too. It was one thing to know it on a rational level; it was another to see it on an emotional level.

At that point, we were only ten months into our journey with diabetes, and we didn’t know many other families raising children with type 1.

We’ve come such a long way since then.

The Candy Hearts family is no longer just another family participating in the JDRF Walk. They’ve become dear friends. So have the families of The Superhero and The Princess, The Sugar Kids and Ladybugs and Lizards. We have several non-blogging, local D friends, too. We are blessed to live in the same community as these people, and we see them often. We meet at parks for play dates. We hold potluck pool parties. We gather at restaurants and throw off the other patrons when they see multiple children simultaneously lancing their fingers and checking their sugar levels.

Our kids are growing up with their kids. Jack is not the kid with diabetes. He’s one of several. He’s not so different! It’s a wonderful thing. Make that: it's a WONDERFUL thing.

Last night, Madeline asked me, “Mom, when Jack no longer has diabetes, will we still be friends with Delaney? Cause I really like Delaney and want to stay friends with her."

Delaney has type 1, too, and Madeline obviously adores her.

(It broke my heart to hear Madeline say “when Jack no longer has diabetes,” as if a cure is coming soon. But that’s a topic for another blog post.)

On Saturday, after the rally, we went out for dinner with Delaney’s family and that of Jack’s pal Max (not our Max, a different Max), who also has type 1. A good time was had by all, and once again, I was reminded that this dark cloud we call diabetes definitely has a silver lining.

Max and Jack

Delaney and Madeline
(with Max, wearing a visor, in the background)
Silly boys goofing around


Wendy said...

Okay. I'm puddling now.


You and your family have been such a blessing to me. The day I stood up there, I was just learning to connect. Took me a long time to come to terms with reality....but I was working on it. I had been inside a shell, feeling very alone....and, yet, I'm so NOT alone.

You guys are like family to me. And I'm not just saying that. I love you all!!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Okay, now I'm puddling up!!!! Quick, get the Kleenex! I feel the same. My heart holds so much love for your Candy Heart!!!!! MUAH!!!

Hallie said...

I love that you all have one another! That is such a wonderful blessing!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

How funny! YOU and your family were the FIRST ones I heard at a rally! Last year! Crazy how we all came to meet each other IRL. :-)

Awesome post, my friend. :-)

Reyna said...

Ahhh - sure RUB.IT.IN!!! I so wish I lived closer to you guys. It looks like fun!!!!