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Monday, August 30, 2010

Test Strip Towers

It was bound to happen and it did. Jack caught Max's virus. Max is all better, but Jack is now sick.

With a fever of 102. 5, Jack stayed home from school today.

(Side note: Though he's complained he feels nauseated, he hasn't vomited. He's had no ketones, and though his blood sugar numbers have been running high, they're not horrendous. So this bug is merely a mild inconvenience. Thank goodness! I am sure every parent of a child with diabetes knows what a major relief that is!)

Nonetheless, Jack couldn't attend school, and after a couple of hours of watching TV and reading, and with Children's Advil treating his temperature, he wanted to play. But, he didn't want to play Wii, DS or computer games. He didn't want to take out the Legos or the Mighty Beanz. He had no interest in trying to beat me at Connect Four or Battleship. "Nothing sounds good," he whined.

So, remember those used test strip containers I told you about here? Well, out they came today!

Jack built a tower.

And then another...

Pretty soon, "Freestyle City" with its "Test Strip Towers" grew.

And grew.

And my boy was happy, pale and feverish, but happy.

He also created some art for Diabetes Art Day, but you're going to have to wait a couple of days until September 1st to see it. ;)


Jen said...

Those are amazing! Love it!

Wendy said...

WOW!!!!!!! That's so cool!

I hope he's feeling better now.

(On a side note, I thought you had just been quiet lately....then I realized that I wasn't following you and haven't been getting your updates!!! It's all fixed now, so GAME ON!)

Reyna said...

Those are WAY cool JACK!

Misty said...

Who knew empty test strip containers could be so much fun?!?!? Can't wait to see the art that he created for Diabetes Art Day!