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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nasty, Scary, Smelly, Enemy-of-Diabetes Bug

Yesterday, when I picked up my kids from school, I had this fun conversation with Max, my cute kindergartener.
Max: Mom, see these stains on my shirt and on my shorts?

Heidi: I do see them. What happened, honey? Did you spill something from your lunch? Is that paint? What is that?

Max: Nope, I didn't eat my lunch. My tummy hurt too bad. I threw up.

Heidi: You what?! You threw up? Oh, Max, do you feel okay now? Why didn't you go to the nurse's office?

Max: I dunno. Besides no one saw it happen.

Heidi: What do you mean no one what saw it happen? When did you throw up? Where were you?

Max: I was on the playground, lining up to go back inside the classroom. My teacher wasn't there. Some other teacher was. It just happened. I just throwed up and then I went inside with everyone else.
At that point, I could not only see the stains, but I could smell them, too. And I was thinking, but not saying: WTF??? How could he have thrown up at school and not one adult witnessed it, heard it or smelled it? His clothing reeked. Why didn't he say something? Oh, that's right. He's only five, and he's a boy. Smelly, vomit-stained clothing doesn't bother him. Besides, he's probably still too shy at school to speak up about stuff like that.

Then fear struck and my thoughts suddenly turned to Jack: Oh, G-d no, I hope a stomach bug doesn't run through our house! I hope Jack doesn't get sick, too!

A stomach bug and diabetes is the worst combination. The last time Jack caught some sort of a stomach bug, he was nearly hospitalized. He couldn't keep any food or drinks down, and we couldn't keep his blood sugar elevated. His blood sugar levels ran dangerously low and he had ketones ... for days! The rest of the family battled this bug in a matter of four or five hours. Jack fought it for four or five days! It was one of the scariest experiences we've endured.

I tried to keep the boys separated yesterday afternoon in order to minimize Jack's risk of catching Max's illness, but that was like trying to keep peanut butter away from jelly. My boys stick close to each other at all times. They're not just brothers, but best friends.

I finally gave up on trying to separate them, thinking that if Jack was going to get the bug from Max, he probably already did. Max probably spread his contagious germs all over Jack in some brotherly brawl early in the morning, when I had no idea he was coming down with something.

So I'm watching Jack, and so far, so good. He's in school now, and if he got sick in school, he would speak up and visit the nurse. No worries there.

Max is doing well today, too. He was running a fever last night, but is nice and cool today with no tummy troubles. I kept him home from school, and he's happily building with Legos while watching a movie.

Hopefully, the nasty, scary, smelly, enemy-of-diabetes bug has left the house!


Reyna said...

NOOOOooooooooooooooo (in echo-y deep voice) - I hate, hate, hate stomach bugs...and I despise stomach bugs and "D". It is the biggest combo for disaster.

Knocking on wood here - Joe has only had ONE stomach bug since diagnosis...we had to resort to the old Glucagon SubQ trick to keep his blood sugar high enough so that we could continue to give insulin to get rid of the ketones. It was a couple of sleepless nights for sure.

I will be thinking of you...good luck! Tell Max we hope he feels better and I sure hope Jack and the rest of your family STEER CLEAR of it Heidi.

Nicole said...

YUCK!! poor guy had to sit with a stinky dirty shirt on all day, I can't believe not one teacher took him aside :(
and OMGosh I have a heart attack every time one of my six children say their stomach hurts. Stomach bugs can last a month over here going from one kid to the next...SO GROSS!!

April Ann said...

I am so sorry that happened. My boy had a migraine at school once and threw up in the garden and no one ever noticed. :( I hope everyone stays healthy!!

Misty said...

Oh no! That is my biggest fear...all the time! I hope Jack has stayed free and clear of this ugly monster disguised as a "bug". Hope Max is feeling better too!

Sarah said...

I hope all is going well as I agree with pp that stomach bugs are the absolute worst for our children and us. IT is sooo scary. Sending good wishes your way.