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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wanting to Turn Trash into Treasure

Okay, I’ll admit it.

I’ve been saving used syringes, lancets and empty test strip containers. I can’t throw them out…not yet, any way.

The wannabe artist in me thinks she’s going to do something with them some day. Maybe I’ll create a sculpture or a collage. Or I’ll create a series of striking black-and-white photographs. Or I’ll produce some sort of installation for the local JDRF or ADA office lobby.

My husband wants to toss it all. He thinks it’s totally out of character for anal-retentive, neat-freak, no-clutter-allowed, junk-purging-queen me, and he’s right. Saving this stuff is SO NOT me.

I don’t really have an emotional attachment to these things. Rather, I see the potential to create something beautiful out of something ugly. Diabetes is an ugly, ugly disease. I hate that my son has it. I hate that he needs syringes, lancets and test strips…and insulin and glucometers and so on and so forth. I hate that his life depends on these items. I hate how much they cost us each month. (We pay out of pocket for all diabetes supplies.)

But isn’t there some sort of irony in collecting the syringes and test strip containers? Am I the only one who sees it? I know I can transform these symbols of our heartbreak, these objects of my hatred, this medical waste, into something meaningful. I can make an artistic statement about our life or my feelings about this disease.

Does anyone else out there do this? No one’s going to nominate me for an episode of Hoarders, right?


Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

I found myself thinking just the other day that I WISH we had saved them!! We don't - we frequently empty our sharps container and the test strips go right to the trash when used. All of the disposables from a site & set or sensor change also go into the sharps container and the trash. Here is the thing though - I caught myself thinking the other day that I wish I had kept them. So that when a cure is finally found, we could pile it all up.... and have a really AWESOME bonfire! :D

Reyna said...

Ah...I am such a purger...I usually TRASH everything, but I was thinking today that I should be saving it for the D-Art thingy on 9/1/ could make something AWESOME with the supplies you have saved up Heidi!!!

Nicole said...

I have never thought to hold on to any of the left overs from a day living with t1 but now reading your post I fell like I should have...I don't know why but I fell like I threw away something valuable???

April Ann said...

I am glad I am not alone. I can't throw away the test bottles. It seems so wasteful! Yet I have NO idea what to do with them!

Alexis-Nicole said...

So glad I found this post! I save EVERYTHING! We have been saving for a few months, and have created some awesome pieces of art. I wish I had been saving all the syringes since DX but I imagine my house would be well..full.

Heres a link to some of our art. Great blog!

Ronda said...

Your not alone....I can't seem to throw away any test strip containers...for the same reason!