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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogger Basal

It’s that time of the month again!

No, not *that* time.  I’m talking Blogger Basal time! :-)

Thank you to all who participated. You’ve given me some good reading, and it’s been my pleasure to play hostess for this month's edition. I kind of feel like a TV news anchor, reporting the stories of September.

So much has happened this month, and there’s a lot to tell you. So let’s get started.

This was the month of the meme. Those immersed in the meme talked about “the cure,” discussed dream endos and shared the ridiculous things people say to us and more. That meme did some serious blog hopping! Consider this: it started with Kerri, was picked up by Penny, relayed to Reyna, passed onto Jen, presented to Lora, given to Laura, granted to Meri, bestowed upon Wendy, tendered to Tracy, sent to me, offered to Donna, handed to Hallie, forwarded to Misty and, as of this writing, it’s sitting in Nicole’s lap. Whew!

Moving beyond the meme...

Stephanie introduced herself to the DOC and began blogging this month, after her son Adam was diagnosed with type 1 this summer. We're happy to "meet" you Stephanie, but *so* sorry you've joined our club!

Joanne gave birth! Welcome sweet baby Mattias!

Laura and Nate celebrated a year of tears and triumphs on their first anniversary with D. Here's wishing you many happy, healthy years ahead!

Misty made me smile with a cute story about friendship, reminding me that “you don’t have to have diabetes to know how to be a friend to someone who does have it.”

Reyna revealed her nightly thoughts and tapped into the fears that most of us D’rents (as Reyna likes to call us) have, but that the rest of the world would never know about unless they, too, had a child with diabetes.

Tracy weighed in on what it would be like if she had a “normal” child.

Penny told a heart-warming tale about meeting a T1 stranger in a craft store.

Kristi shared a sad story and talked about a different disease.

As our kids ventured off to school, Hallie gave us the other side of the school story. She recalled her experiences as a teacher of kids with diabetes, before D entered her own life.

Nicole stood before her local school board and fought for policies and procedures that would help to ensure the safety and welfare of children with diabetes. What a fantastic advocate! Go, Nicole, go! Keep fighting!

Still speaking of school, Meri wrote about the angst and judgment that comes with sending kids back to class in the fall.

From A1C to ZZZ, Leighann said the ABCs of D.

Cindy talked about T-cells and gave us hope for a cure.

Wendy put things in perspective with a profound post that pointed out how one second and one drop can make all the difference in the world.

Bethany, whose pregnant belly is growing bigger and who’s getting excited to meet her baby, organized all of her diabetes supplies.

Lora lost her memory…temporarily that is, as many of us D mamas do from time to time!

I even copped to my own bout with memory loss.

Donna came up with the best analogy for parenting a child with diabetes.

Denise played diabetes with her boys and even let her son prick her finger a few times…for real! Despite her fear of needles! Now that’s a good D mama!

Inspired by National Invisible Chronic Illness Week, Heidi emphasized that if she’s doing her job correctly, then her daughter’s diabetes will go unnoticed and be virtually invisible to the rest of the world.

Similarly, Alexis reminded us that diabetes is often camouflaged, but can be detected if you look and listen closely enough.

April has us hoping and praying that another one of her children does not have diabetes.

Heather realized that the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes was more than just a walk in the park, and she has been counting her blessings.

And Blogger Basal just would not be complete without a mention of Jen’s beautiful photography. Great pics, Jen! But I’d be remiss if I were to skip over her writing. After all, for the very first time, she took Addison to a friend’s birthday party, and then she opened the can of worms, writing about stem cell research.

And that’s the way it was, as the late great Walter Cronkite would say.

Please don't be offended and please forgive me, if you were excluded from this edition of Blogger Basal. I included only those bloggers who sent me an email, requesting to be included.

But, the more the, the merrier! So, if you wish to participate in the October edition of Blogger Basal, send a message containing a link to the blog post of your choice to Hallie at by October 15th. (Hallie will compile the October edition.)

There are official Blogger Basal rules, which you can find here.


Reyna said...

Wonderful...FANTASTIC...GREAT JOB Heidi! I cannot wait to check out a couple of other blog posts after reading this. Thank You.

P.S. I am still not getting your posts on my feed. Lucky for me I know to just check over here...has anyone else been having this issue?

Misty said...

WooHoo! LOVE these Blogger Basals! Can't wait to have a few minutes to catch up on some great blogs. Thanks Heidi!

Nicole said...

I love these blogger basal too (just like Misty said)

Oh and by the way I just remembered about my meme working on it tonight...oops :)

Don't worry D-folk I will get it together soon :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you for putting this together! What a great way to stay connected to all of the awesome D moms!

Rachael said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my Blog and being the first person to comment! That was so sweet! (uhh, no pun intended). You have an awesome Blog. I love it! I liked your Blog on my blogroll, I hope that's okay. If not let me know! Nice to "meet" you and I will be "seeing" you around!

Wendy said...



I can't wait to catch some of the posts I didn't read AND see what next month has in store ;)

Hallie....take it away!

Hallie said...

No wonder I'm so tired! What a whirl wind month! Great job!!!

Meri said...

I am so happy that I read most of these posts already! They are all magnificent! There are a couple I need to hop over to...Thank you for the memories! What a wonderful way to wrap up the month!

I know this must have been a lot of work. Bravo for the awesome post!

Lora said...

GREAT JOB Heidi!!!
Although, I am not sure if my whole memory loss thing is tempoary :) hehe

Jen said...

Thanks Heidi!!