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Friday, September 10, 2010

A D-Tales Contest!

Back in August, my friend Jeanne, whose six-year-old son Max has type 1, told me about this neat, new medical ID bracelet she found online. She told me she was going to buy one for Max, and being the wonderful friend that she is, she offered to get one for Jack, too.

We had just purchased a new medical ID bracelet for Jack (about which I might just blog in the future, because it's a great bracelet). We didn't really *need* another ID bracelet, and I'd just gotten Jack accustomed to wearing his brand new one.

Then I took one look at this website about which Jeanne raved, and that was it. I responded to her offer with a hearty "Yes, please!" and a sincere "Thank you!"

Besides, the bracelet Jack was wearing was a traditional, stainless steel link bracelet, and Jeanne's suggestion was a fun, colorful silicone wristband.

I showed Jack these hip, trendy wristbands, and he declared them, "Cool!"

See for yourself!

Are they awesome or what?

Made from 100% silicone, these kid-friendly wristbands from CoolMedID resemble the Lance Armstrong LIVESTRONG wristbands, and their benefits are numerous. Consider this:
● The lettering is embossed and will not rub off or fade.
● The bracelets won't discolor your skin or tarnish.
● They come in a variety of colors.
● They're stretchy with no difficult clasps, making them easy to put on and take off. 
● They're hypoallergenic and won't bother you if you have a metal or latex allergy.
● They're waterproof, stain-resistant and easily cleaned.
● You have your choice of lettering. They either say "Type 1 Diabetes" or "Diabetic." 
Jack likes them, because they're a far cry from traditional jewelry and they're not "girly." At age seven, he does *not* want to be perceived as "girly." He will not wear anything that even slightly suggests "girly." But since this type of wristband is worn by girls *and* boys, he considers them not just socially acceptable, but totally rad.

The band that Jeanne bought for Jack was blue, and he loved it so much that he asked me to get him a couple more in different colors. He wanted one that was silver and another that CoolMedID calls "ocean swirl," a mixture of light blue, dark blue and green.

Happy to see him so willing to wear something that could potentially save his life, I bought him more. (I returned Jeanne's kindness and bought more for Max, too.)

Here are some photos of a super excited Jack, opening the package from CoolMedID and showing off his bracelets.
"I can't wait to see what's inside."
"Yay, silver!"

"This is how guys show you their wristbands."
"Mom, no more pictures!"
While I was placing my order for Jack and Max, I figured I'd order some for you, too!

Yes, that's right!

I have four wristbands to give away! Four!!!!

Those four include:

● 1 blue wristband, size small
● 1 pink wristband, size small
● 1 blue wristband, size medium
● 1 pink wristband, size medium

All four will alert an emergency responder to diabetes with distinct silver lettering and the caduceus medical symbol.

According to CoolMedID, the small wristbands measure 5 7/8 inches around and fit most children 4 to 6 years old. But looking at them, I'm guessing that a younger child could wear the small, too.

The medium wristbands measure 7 3/8 inches around and fit kids ages 6 and up as well as teenagers and small-framed adults. Jack is 7 years old, and he wears a medium.

To enter the contest and win one of
these four wristbands:
(Yes, here come the official rules.)

● Leave me a comment before midnight on Thursday, September 16, 2010. Please include your first name. Comments left without a name will be eliminated. Please also tell me the color and the size of the bracelet you hope to win (e.g., pink, size small).

● To earn extra entries (post a separate comment for each):
       ● Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter. Then, leave me an additional comment

          containing a link to your tweet.
       ● Share a link to this contest on Facebook. Then, leave me an additional

          comment to let me know.
       ● Blog about this contest. Then, leave me an additional comment containing

          a link to your blog.

● No duplicate comments are allowed. Duplicate comments will be eliminated.

● Winners will be selected via random draw at

● Winners' names will be posted here on this blog on Friday, September 17, 2010.

● After winners' names are posted, winners will have 48 hours to send a message to me at If I do not hear from a winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.

Remember, to enter you must leave me a comment with your first name and bracelet preference before midnight on Thursday, September 16th.

Then, check back here on Friday, September 17th to see if you've won.

Good luck!

But, wait! That's not all!

CoolMedID has graciously offered my blog readers a 20% discount.

So, even if you don't win a freebie from me, you'll still get a little prize!

When placing an order, simply use coupon code CMID20 when you check out, and you'll save 20% off the price of all products you purchase. The discount does not apply to shipping, handling or tax, if applicable.

Take a look at the CoolMedID website! Diabetes isn't the only condition for which they make wristbands, and in addition to the wristbands, they also sell a variety of necklaces and keychains/zipper pulls. 

And a little end note here for you: CoolMedID was started by a woman, whose mother, three nieces and one nephew have diabetes.


Wendy said...

We can always use a new Med ID!!!!!

Wendy said...

Pink - Medium, btw :)

Just linked to FB!

Wendy said...

And I tweeted :)

Wendy said...

Blogged it BABY!

Cindy said...

Oh, count us in! Lily might actually like wearing something like that! We'd need a small size, pink of course!

Jen said...

Addison would wear a small pink OR blue..what can I say, the guy likes all colors!! I just signed on to twitter and I will tweet it!!

Denise said...

My son has had something like this since he was diagnosed and he never takes it off (almost 2 years now!) They are so great for active kids! We would LOVE to have a new one (small blue)

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Justice would love the Blue one, in Medium. Blogging, tweeting and facebooking NOW!

Denise said...

Posted on my blog :-)

Denise said...

linked on Facebook too....

Liz said...

Oh, Penny would love either color (in medium)! What a clever idea; I definitely have to bookmark this!

Amanda said...

My name is Amanda, I love these and am going to go buy some right now. My daugther is 6 and always losing her necklace. I'd love to win either color, I'm guessing small because she seems to have small wrists to me.

Amanda said...

I blogged about it

Amanda said...

and I Facebooked it too!/amanda.hesssilverhorn

Daniel said...

Currently we are without a Med ID, because I haven't found one I just love yet.. We'd like to give this a try.. Blue, in small!


Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Awwww! I love those!!!
Sugar Boy would like the small blue one, please! =)

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Just shared via FB! =)

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

And I swear I am still twittering from my tweet! hehe

Shamae said...

Very cool!! Love those IDs!! I am running out the door to get syd but hopefully I remember to come back and blog and fb about it!! I would love a small pink one for miss syd!!

my sweet girl said...

Love these. Skyler would love the multi colored one (medium).

Reyna said...

OHHHLaLa...Joe would like Medium Blue PRETTY,PRETTY PLEASE. I am heading out to tweet and FB this right now.

Pam said...

Grace would LOVE LOVE LOVE a small pink one. So cute, and sports friendly, too!

Heather said...

These are a awesome! Thanks for sharing, I'm sure Lovebug would like one of these! In pink of course!

Heather said...

Posted on Facebook!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

The Superhero would LOVE a blue small one. :-)

Great giveaway!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

Posted on FB. :-)

Blue small.

Jennie said...

I have been wanting to get Brittany one of these cool bracelets. She would love the pink medium one!
Jennie Rallison

Misty said...

Love these! I just bought one for Ally to try and she LOVES it. I also love the durability of them. Please sign me up! Thanks, Misty

Misty said...

I tweeted about your contest!

Forgot to say, Ally would love Medium PINK.

Misty said...

Posted your contest on FB as well! Thank you!

Sherry said...

My Jenna would love to rock the pink small bracelet!!

Sherry said...

Tweeted it!!

Sherry said...

Facebooked it!!

Sherry said...

Blogged about it!!

BDavis said...

Getting in to these blogs is awesome. Thanks for having this from a D-Dad! I would love the Blue medium. Thanks. Brian

Meri said...

Sign me up lady friend! We would like the medium blue thankyouverymuch!! :) These are so awesome!

Meri said...

I facebooked it! Oh yeah!!/profile.php?id=1834556238&v=wall&story_fbid=144309928944082

Stephanie said...

These are wonderful! My son was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago...we need a medic alert bracelet!

Hallie said...

Oooooohhhh! Pink! Small! Please! :)

Hallie said...


Hallie said...


Hallie said...

Tweet Tweet!

Sweet ~N~ Sassy said...

I would love to win the small pink one for my 3 yr old T1 who just recently celebrated her 2 yr dx -Posted to FB.

Jennifer said...

These look really great! My almost 5 year old son has had a hard time with ID's as he either breaks out in a rash, breaks them or just doesn't want to wear it. I showed him these and he seems excited about it. We would love to win a small blue one! - Jennifer

Katie said...

I LOVE your give away. My daughter Delaney would be thrilled to win a pink wristband in size medium.

htimm=) said...

Very cool bracelets, Pink Med would be Bekah's first choice (she is not super picky though-she likes blue too and I think either size would fit her)

Kim said...

I have a hard time getting my daughter to wear a medical ID. I think she would love one of these. Pink Medium would fit her great!

Nicole said...

Holy Moly that is a long list of comments! This is so fun all this free stuff!!

Cara would love one of these wrist bands:)
We have officially entered your contest..wish us luck :)

Laura said...

I may be the last one - - - Sorry for the delay! I've been dealing with 1-year D anxiety and fund-raising stress!! :)

Enter us please!!

Laura said...

Tweet Tweet!

Laura said...

Facebooked it too - is that a word?? :)

WendyP said...

Josh would love to win a blue medium! Thanks for the contest :)


Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

This is awesome!! THANKS Joshua would love to win a blue small one:)