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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boy, Oh, Boy!

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and the kids have no school. Hooray! I love holidays!

We have a full day planned. In the morning, we're going to the movies. After seeing Megamind, we're going out to lunch. Then, we'll head over to the pediatrician's office to get Madeline a flu shot (the boys have already received theirs). Later on in the afternoon, the kids will go to their weekly tennis lesson.

We'll be out and about. We'll come into contact with lots of people in various settings.


Jack just came up to me and said, "Mom, tomorrow, I'm going to wear my JDRF Walk t-shirt."

We have been talking a lot lately about the importance of educating others about type 1 diabetes and increasing awareness. I think our talks might be sinking in.

In years past, I've had to beg Jack to wear either his Walk team t-shirt or his or his JDRF t-shirt. He never wanted to draw attention to himself or his disease. So his comment took me back, but absolutely delighted me.

I think my sweet boy is maturing and warming up to a new role: diabetes advocate.

We have never once talked about how wearing a Walk shirt can raise awareness. He made the connection on his own. He made the decision on his own.

I am so proud!


Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

have fun tomorrow! And way to go Jack!! We live in ours too lol.

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

That is great! Hope you have a great day out and about tomorrow and hopefully will get the opportunity to educate someone about T1!

Reyna said...

Have fun guys...and you know Heidi, I am not sure if it is the age or what, but I am finding that Joe is more open to educating, advocating, AND wearing his WALK T-shirt lately too. He used to shy away from calling any attention to "d"...except on WALK day. Now he seems to almost welcome it.

I am so proud of Jack too!

Wendy said...

So proud of Jack :)

And his amazing family!

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shannon said...

Wow, that is certainly something to be proud of! Hope you had a great day! :)