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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Call to Action

A letter with an important message arrived in my InBox. I'll post it below. You can also see it here

We need YOU to call your members of Congress. Take action, please! Please, please, please! 

It's *that* important.

Hallie wrote an excellent blog post about it, too. Read her words here


Dear JDRF Advocate,      

We need you to call your Members of Congress in Washington today.  

The Special Diabetes Program is our nation’s most effective tool to combat diabetes and its complications. The program has received strong bipartisan support in Congress since 1997 and, given its successes, has proven to be worthy of continued federal investment.

HOWEVER, the Special Diabetes Program is set to expire unless Congress renews it this year!   

Please CALL each of your Members of Congress in Washington and tell them to support a MULTI-YEAR RENEWAL of the Special Diabetes Program THIS YEAR! 

You can access your Members’ phone numbers and talking points using the link below.  Also, please take a minute to let us know that you made your calls on our Take Action page.

Visit our Take Action page to make your calls today!

Thank you!

Mike, Melissa, Amanda, and Hasan
JDRF Advocacy Team


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After Tennis ...I will be calling, too! (I just sent our CongressWoman a letter, oh pooh)...