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Friday, November 5, 2010


Our puppy Alex was neutered this morning, and as to be expected, he's lethargic tonight.

The kids, who adore Alex beyond measure, have been concerned. They're accustomed to seeing a playful, energetic puppy, who steals socks, fetches tennis balls and chases our cats.

As I was telling the kids not to worry, Jack interrupted me. "Mom, you know why we shouldn't worry?" he asked. "Because Alex just had surgery. He'll be normal again. Just like I was diagnosed with diabetes, and now I'm normal again."

I was at once proud and sad. It is comments like that that reassure me he's doing well emotionally. He sees himself as "normal." This crazy D life with its highs and lows, pokes and shots, carb counts and D kits, IS "normal" for him. He's accepted his disease. He's just Jack, a seven-year-old boy, who has a dog named Alex, a brother named Max, a sister named Madeline, brown eyes, a love of Legos and all things Star Wars, and a mean backhand when playing tennis.

And while I felt proud of and happy about his perspective, I also felt sad, because this crazy D life IS his normal. It shouldn't be. He shouldn't be able to make analogies like that. He shouldn't know from highs and lows, shots and pokes, carb counts and D kits...but he does.

In fact, over the past few hours, his blood sugars have been anything but "normal" or stable. This afternoon, we took part in a school fundraiser at a self-serve yogurt shop. Jack ate roughly three-quarters of a cup of yogurt topped with a lone maraschino cherry and rainbow sprinkles. This tasty treat sent him hovering in the upper 200s with numbers like 286 and 297 that wouldn't budge. Then, he crashed and couldn't rise up and out of the 60s. After candy and juice, he's now in bed and sleeping at 119. If only I could cross my fingers and type here... I'm praying he hovers there for a while and doesn't bounce back with a second round of highs! But you see what I mean? These numbers are anything but "normal," unless you're a kid with diabetes.

P.S. Here are couple of pics of Madeline with "Mr. Lamp Shade."

Madeline's 'do is looking a bit messy in these photos, but Madeline is very particular about her hair. She has to have it just so, and she loves accessories. So, she's hoping we win this week's Sugar Bolus. Tracy from The Superhero and The Princess is giving away some cute, girly-girl hair accessories, and Madeline wants them, especially the flower with the rhinestone center! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go check out this week's contest!

P.P.S. I apologize to all whose blogs I generally read. I have not left any comments lately, because my computer has been crashing when I comment. Does anyone else have that problem with Blogger? It's driving me nuts! The few comments I've left here and there have been done with my cell phone or Gregg's computer. I hope to be able to comment with ease soon!  


Reyna said...

Never apologize for no commenting...I do enough for both of us LOL. Like a fine red wine...I apparently never met a post I didn't like. SMILES.

Love that Jack sees himself as "normal" and I think Joe does too, see himself as normal. But after the whole Santa comment the other day about a cure, I am a little taken aback. I think Joe thinks about "d", a cure, etc. more than I originally thought.

Hugs to Alex. I hope he is back to "normal" today!

Hallie said...

So sweet! Yes- it's sad too. But very, very sweet!

shannon said...

I feel you. I think his comment is a little heartbreaking as a parent, but it shows that you have done an incredible job integrating his D care into your lives that he sees it as "back to normal". And isn't that what we all want for our kiddos?

Hope your puppy feels better soon!

Nicole said...

Poor little puppy!! and I hope the blood sugar numbers start to steady out!!

and good luck to Madeline!!

Amanda said...

Your kids are so cute. I love Jack's comment about being normal. And it kind of makes me sad too. They shouldn't know about these things at their age!

anti snore said...

Very cute dog.
I like your blog.