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Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Sprite Saved the Day

Before I dive into my story of how Sprite saved the day...

Thank you to all who left comments on my last post. It was so nice to receive the warm welcome back into the DOC. I really appreciated hearing from you.

Okay, now onto my post...

I don't know about other D mamas, but one of the phrases I dread the most is: "Mom, I feel like I'm going to throw up."

The very thought of Jack battling a stomach bug fills me with fear. It is one of the worst illnesses for a D kiddo.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, Jack has had two really bad cases of the stomach bug (along with a few mild bouts), and both times, he was nearly hospitalized.

Both times, he couldn't keep anything down, not even water. (Of course, that *is* the nature of an illness that causes repeated vomiting.)

Both times, he ended up with low blood sugar and large ketones.

Large ketones are scary and dangerous! Large ketones can lead to DKA, which can then lead to a coma, brain swelling and even death.

Vomiting, low blood sugar and large ketones create a horrendous predicament.

What's a D mama to do when her son needs insulin to reduce the ketones, but she can't give him insulin, because his blood sugar is too low, and she can't elevate his blood sugar, because every time he eats or drinks, he throws up?

Both times this happened to Jack we were on the verge of taking him to the hospital for a glucose drip, but we were able to successfully treat the situation on our own at home.

Wondering how?

Following the advice of Jack's endocrinologist, we gave him tablespoons of Sprite. We started with one tablespoon. We literally used one of the measuring spoons I use for cooking and baking. We fed him the one tablespoon of soda, and then we waited. We let 10 minutes pass. We wanted to see whether he could keep down the Sprite, and he did!

After 10 minutes with no vomiting, we fed him another tablespoon of Sprite and then we waited again.

When another 10 minutes passed without vomiting, we fed him a third tablespoon.

We monitored his blood sugar level and repeated the drink-a-tablespoon-and-wait routine until his blood sugar level was high enough for him to receive some insulin.

Both times, this kept Jack out of the hospital. Both times, this is how we conquered the ketones.

If your child dislikes or has never consumed soda, another clear liquid with carbs, like juice or Gatorade, would work, too. Popsicles will also do the trick.

I realize this won't necessarily always work. Sometimes, not even a tablespoon of clear liquid will stay down. But it seems like a miracle when it does!

I hope you never need to use this tip, but I thought I'd share it for those who find themselves with a kid, who says "Mom, I think I'm going to throw up!"

After all, 'tis the season for illness right now. Sweetpea from The Princess and The Pump endured her first experience with the stomach bug this week, and Wendy from Candy Hearts, who works as a triage nurse for several pediatric practices, mentioned that she's taken one call after another from parents, whose kids have been vomiting. And it was right around this time a couple of years ago when Addison from I Am Your Pancreas ended up in the ER with a stomach bug.

Lastly, please remember that this blog is not intended as medical advice. I'm just a D mama, who's sharing what's worked for her child. Always consult your doctor.


Sarah said...

I am so glad he's okay...wanna hear something weird, that's the same remedy that my non-d son's doc prescribed for him when he was having severe trouble with vomiting as a toddler. Our other go to has been frozen pedialyte pops crushed up by the tablespoon for the same beneficial reasons.
It's amazing how these little tidbits are so life altering, yet simple...I find myself just thankful for the littlest things these days.
And again welcome back :)

Joanne said...

Thanks for sharing... I need to write all these great tips down somewhere because my brain cannot be relied upon these days!

Glad you're back... you've been missed!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

We have not delt with stomach flu and D yet. I know we will at some point, and its so great to have such wonderful D Mama's here on the DOC that can guide us and tell us what tricks worked for them. :)

Welcome back, my friend. :)

Kerry said...

I'm so glad that worked for you guys, I will remember this and try if mine gets sick again :)

Reyna said...

Great tip from one of my FAVORITE D Mama BLOGGERS!!! xoxo