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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

I should have known the day was going to be rough when at 7:30 a.m. Max and Jack came running into my office, where I was perusing Facebook. Madeline would have normally joined them, since she had been playing with them just moments before, but I think she was hiding from me, pretending to not have been involved in the altercation that sent the boys into my office.

Jack looked guilty as all get out and refused to look me in the eye. Max burst into tears.

"It was Max's fault," Jack began. "He deserved it."

"He deserved it?"

"Yeah, he deserved it," Jack said with a tone of righteous indignation.

"No, I didn't," Max screamed.

"Yes, you did," Jack insisted.

"No, I didn't!"

"What happened?" I wanted to know.

Max was wailing at this point. I'm talking heaving sobs with big tears. I was trying to comfort him to no avail.

"Well, remember he deserved it," said my little lawyer.

"He deserved what?! What happened? What did he deserve?"

"Madeline and I duct taped Max's mouth shut and then we duct taped his arms to his body," Jack finally fessed up.

"You what?!"

I know there are a million and one uses for duct tape, but binding my son was not one I would have thought of on my own.

I still don't know what Max did to provoke his brother and sister, if anything, not that duct taping your little brother is ever acceptable. All I know is that I should've known by the way Max was carrying on that something was up. Of course, being turned into a silver mummy is scary and maddening and well-deserving of a good cry, but Max bawled non-stop. That's a sure sign of impending illness in my house. I should have noticed the red flag.

A couple of hours later, Max lost it. Up came breakfast all over the kitchen floor.

And so it began a day of puking.

(I promise no more posts revolving around GI issues for a while, if ever again. It's just that I have another good tip for you here.)

He couldn't keep anything down. Since he doesn't have diabetes, I was mostly concerned with simply keeping him hydrated. What I did for him, I do for Jack when he's sick, too.

I pulled out the mini ice cubes!

Doesn't sound all that amazing, huh?

Well, I'll admit it: this is not rocket science. This is nothing extraordinary. This is just something kid-friendly that works really well with my kids, D and non-D alike.

I make little Gatorade and Powerade Zero ice cubes. You could use Pedialyte, too. I like to use Powerade Zero for Jack, because it contains zero carbs.

I'm not a fan of the artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, but once in a blue moon, on a sick day or two, won't kill my kids. Most likely, I could find a healthier version of electrolyte water at Whole Foods or a health foods store, but I haven't done that yet.

These cubes are truly tiny, about the size of a finger tip. They probably provide no more than a half teaspoon of liquid at a time. Because they're so small, they rarely come back up...unless consumed in quantity. But a little bit of liquid here and there, one cube at a time, helps with hydration, which is especially important for kids with diabetes, who can develop ketones simply from the dehydration alone.

By the way, I don't serve them on a plate. I just pop them out one at a time and hand them to my kids. Photographing them on the plate seemed best, however. 

Because they're so small, they freeze quickly. 

I bought the tray at my local grocery store. I recently saw the trays on sale for 10 for $10, but if I remember correctly, I paid $1.99 or $2.99.

So there you have it: another simple tip for surviving the stomach bug.

Please remember that this blog is not intended as medical advice. I'm just a D mama, who's sharing what's worked for her child. Always consult your doctor.


Sarah said...

gotta love those, "he deserved it" conversations...
glad your little guy made it through a stomach bug without any major issues, my oldest had a lot of trouble with GI virus' when he was 2-3yrs old and spent many a nights trying to cool off from fevers in warm tub chomping on pedialyte pops making the water some horrific color, but it always helped him feel much better.
I like this idea though as he and Isaac are getting to be a bit more particular about what they consume while ill and pedialyte pops aren't cutting it anymore!

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

Did you ever find out what he did? You know to deserve it? lol

Poor thing! Hope he feels better soon!

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

And when you told that story to us in person, it was even better. I have not laughed that hard in way too long! I wonder if he really deserved it?! :)

Great tip on the ice cubes! I need to get one of those trays for the next time (knocking on wood) the flu bug hits our house!

Joanne said...

Great tip! I've always given Elise crushed ice, but I have to go to the store to buy it... those trays would be perfect!

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

"Madeline and I duct taped Max's mouth shut and then we duct taped his arms to his body," Jack finally fessed up.

I litterally belly laughed. And then clapped my hand over my mouth cuz I realized that if it were my kids I would surly kill one of them. Then gave up and laughed again. That is just TOO STINKING FUNNY!

Great tip on the mini ice cubes! I will have to get a couple of those trays. (with twins I do EVERYTHING in two's) :)

Misty said...

Wonderful tip!! Thanks for making me laugh. Poor Max!

Reyna said...

OK...I am NOT getting your posts on my dashboard or blog roll!!! UGH. I'll look into it after this.

The duct tape had me laughing so hard Heidi. I would never think of that...however, this is coming from a gal who stripped her brother naked, smeared mayo on him, and locked him outta the house...Just sayin'

Great tips!!! As always.

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Great tip! Nate loves PowerAde Zero even when he's not sick. Blue is his favorite. It freaks me out a little but it is what it is - he gets tired of just water!!

So, the duct tape incident?!?! Hmmm --- not sure what to say about that one except . . . poor little guy!! :(