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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Hat Hogwash

We went out for dinner tonight.
Seated at the table next to us was a group of six women, all senior citizens, all wearing purple clothing and red hair accessories. Perhaps they were members of the Red Hat Society?
Regardless, they talked loudly, and we couldn't help, but overhear their conversation.
They talked about travel. They talked about Metamucil. They talked about this one's husband and that one's friend. And then they began to talk about cooking. 
One lady, who apparently loves to bake, said, "...I make it with a lot of cinnamon, and you know, they say cinnamon is excellent for controlling blood sugar." 
Aaaaacccckkkk! Jack does not need to hear hooey like that!
I immediately looked at him. Fortunately, he was engrossed in playing Plants versus Zombies on his iPod Touch and didn't say word. 
I shot Gregg a look and silently mouthed, "Did you just hear that?"
"About the Metamucil?"
"No, the cinnamon!"
Gregg shook his head.
It appeared that I was the only one who'd heard the hogwash. Thank goodness!


Wendy said...

"About the Metamucil?"

HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny how our eyes and ears are on alert (whether we know it or not) for all things D related!

Alexis Nicole said...


Glad Jack didnt hear either! I notice too anytthing D related I hear.

My husband is t2 and cinammon actually did help him, and another THATS weird! lol

Reyna said...

OMGosh...I can just picture the whole scene Heidi! The "metamucil" was the best. And...hooey on the cinnamon...(rolling my eyes).

Trish said...

That's how I am with the TV! Those stupid commercials that always say stuff about controlling diabetes, blah, blah, talking about type 2, but never saying that! Ugh. I look for Brandan's reaction everytime and when he notices or comments I say, "Not your diabetes. It's different."

busymom said...

Maybe they could stir in some cinnamon to their metamucil cocktail? for insurance? : )
We'll be there one day...let us *please* talk quietly!

Amy said...

G-R-O-S-S! Metemucil talk at the dinner table? At a public place? Maybe they shoudl sprinkle some cinnamon in it . . . for taste . . .because that is the ONLY thing that spice if for!

Sarah said...

my postman told me that too...I replied by saying a favorite Harry Potter line, "you know why I like Sunday's? No post on Sundays!" Take that Joey B, yeah he and I have great banter often but I couldn't put up with his hogwash once he decided he was going to cure our family of t1d - since he's stuck to advice on stocks and picking my teams for March madness!

Tracy1918 said...

Hey, thank you for your sweet encouragement. It means the world to me!

FYI...I loved your post the other day about Jack wanting to do physical activity after a low. What's up with that?!

And missing permanent teeth? I've never heard such a thing. Glad you have a good dentist! : )