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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super Spectacular Stupendous Sister

Each week, I send my kids off to Sunday school with money in their pockets. Their teachers collect and save money from all their students, and during class throughout the year, they talk about various concepts revolving around giving to charity and helping others — why it's important, ways of helping, where to give, giving anonymously, trying to understand and be sensitive to others' needs, performing acts of kindness, benevolence and generosity and so on.
Tomorrow, Jack's class will use their saved money at a grocery store, where they'll buy food and other assorted items for a local food bank. The kids will be divided into groups, and each group will be given a set amount of money. The kids will then do the shopping themselves, making the experience all the more meaningful.
While Jack is off buying pasta, peanut butter and cans of veggies and tuna fish, Madeline will be voting with her classmates to decide to which charitable organization they should donate their funds. After last week's class, Madeline mentioned that she had suggested JDRF as a possible recipient. So I emailed her teacher, thanked her for considering JDRF, and offered to help if JDRF turns out to be the chosen charity.
Today, I received the following in response:
"She [meaning Madeline] is quite the advocate. She would not let go until she got the class to agree to donate some of their funds to JDRF. She explained what Jack has to do each day and I think that won them over. I was so proud!"
I beamed after reading that. 
Madeline has such a big heart. 
Last week, she was campaigning at her school to help save the Mexican gray wolf, which, according to her, is nearing extinction. 
This week, she's trying to help her brother. She sees what Jack endures on a daily basis. She sees the toll diabetes takes not just on Jack, but on our entire family. She sees me and Gregg pouring our hearts and souls into the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes each year. 
She wants a cure for her brother.
To say that I'm proud would be an understatement.


Reyna said...


Madeline is such a wonderful advocate. Your heart must have swelled with pride when you read that from her instructor.

You have one special girl there for sure!!! You are right...she and Bridget sound like two peas in a pod.

Stephanie said...

AWESOME!!! What a great sister!

Meri said...

What a wonderful sister! Siblings are always amazing advocates, they see all the goings on first hand every single day. GOod for Madeline!

Alexis Nicole said...

What a girl!! I swear for each amazing D kid there is a sibling equally so!

sky0138 said...

What a fantastic post! Your girl sounds like such a sweetheart and I love that she will push and be an advocate for what she wants to happen...that is so great!! said...

So sweet! I think through all the sibling squabbles there is always an underlying protectiveness and that protectiveness seems to be significantly increased when a sibling is dealing with a serious 'issue.'

Lora said...

Give her a great big hug from all of us. She is one sweet little lady :)

busymom said...

Wow-Madeline is precious! : ) What an advocate, and if she can be this amazing as a little girl..what do you dream she'll do as an adult!?
Awesome she is, and I bet she learned it somewhere! : ) Holly

Denise said...

That is so sweet! Love stories of sibs who want a cure for their bro/sis and advocate for it. You must be a super proud mama!!