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Monday, April 25, 2011


Wondering how to achieve SWAGaliciousness?

Here's how we did it:

Take your kids on a road trip to visit their grandparents, who live in another city two hours away.

When everyone is hungry, leave the kids with grandpa, while you run out with grandma to pick up a take-out lunch at the local sandwich shop, which is known not for their sandwiches, but for their super sweet, amazingly delicious, worth-every-carb and worth-every-calorie frozen fruit drinks.

Decide to treat the kids to a cup of half-lemon and half-strawberry frozen deliciousness.

Ask the guy who took your lunch order for nutritional information.

When he can't fulfill your request, while you're waiting for your order, ask his coworker for nutritional information. Explain that your child has type 1 diabetes and you need the information to calculate his insulin dose.

When you learn from the coworker that nutritional information is not available, debate whether the frozen fruit deliciousness is more like a granita or a slushie.

On the way home to grandma and grandpa's house, use your cell phone to look up carb counts on granitas AND slushies.

And then, SWAG it! (For those unfamiliar with D lingo, that means to take a Scientific, Wild-A$$ Guess. In other words, guesstimate the carb count.)

Inject your son with insulin based on your SWAG (not just for the frozen fruit drink, but for his turkey sandwich, too).

Give your son a spoon and straw and let him have at it. Let him enjoy every sweet fruity bit of deliciousness.

Listen to him "ooh" and "ahh" and "mmm."

Agree with him and his siblings when they exclaim, "This is the best thing ever!"

Pray that the number gods are shining on you.

Test your son's blood sugar level throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Monitor his CGM as well.

And when you see beautiful numbers for the rest of the day, you can officially declare the day and its super sweet, amazingly delicious, worth-every-carb and worth-every-calorie,  half-lemon, half-strawberry frozen drink SWAGalicious!


Joanne said...

Great job, Mom! Way to SWAG!

Stephanie said...

Fun! If I'm thinking you went where I think you did...eegee's? Oh my, brings back yummy memories from my college days!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

WooHoo!! Love it when the SWAG is right on! It's so wonderful to enjoy treats like that when you can!!

Karen G said...

I just love a happy story like that. :-D And that drink certainly sounded worth SWAGing for!!

Amy said...

Nice SWAGing my dear! Doesn't it feel wonderful when we hit the target? And, the bonus comes with their smiley faces look like everyone elses ;)

Sarah said...

awesome! I love when it works :)

Reyna said...

You are "SWAG-A-DELIC" baby!!! WOOT!

Trish said...

I know I'm late, but I just learned the term SWAG like, 2 or 3 days ago (but I've been practicing it for years). lol. This is an awesome post. :)

Lora said...

SWAG it like its hot!!!

You know... to the tune "drop it like its hot". I need something to do :/

busymom said...

THanks for the def-I've been SWAGging for 7 years now-but didn't know what it meant-was even going to ask you, but thanks for sharing! I'm in the "club" now, heehee : )
Love it when it works out, thank you God! : )

Misty said...

Way to go SWAGin Mama! And now I'm craving a bit of yummy frozen deliciousness myself!

Wendy said...


Love it.

Hate that one unnamed place full of icy deliciousness can't get it right, though.