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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

951 vs. 156

"Mom! Mom! Come here!" Jack yelled. "I just tested my blood sugar, and my meter says nine hundred and fifty one!"
He's a funny boy, who thinks he can pull a fast one on his mother.
Love my little joker!

But, I'm not that gullible!

Post edit: 
I wrote this post last month. As I participated in Diabetes Blog Week and wrote about other topics, it's been patiently waiting to be posted. In the meantime, Meri of Our Diabetic Life wrote a fantastic post about the dangers of this meter with its potential for misreading numbers. You can read her post here.


Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Funny...not so much! Though, it would be nice to have a meter that went that high...not that I'd want to see that number, but when Bean's PDM just reads "HIGH" it's unnerving!!

Amy said...

Oh that Jack . . . He's quite the prankster! Doesn't he know jokes like that can give a D-Mom heart palpitations? Of course, you are seasoned enough to know the meter will not go that high ;) Me? I would have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Not now, though. Nope! Thanks to Jack, Eliie won't be able to make me faint with a number like that. We have the same meter, btw, in green, pink and silver. We just find more and more in common each day!

Michelle said...

What a little joker! We've got the same meter (in various colors) we use as back up and at school instead of sending the Ping remote meter. I hadn't thought about or realized this potential danger until reading Meri's post....have taken all of them now and marked them so that a serious accident doesn't happen because of reading the darned thing upside down! Scary!

busymom said...

Ha! That's scary. ; ) Ours goes to HI over 599, but scary!

think about the other scary things it could be..58/85, 28/82..ack-gonna stop now! : ) besides, my brain is working too hard! hahaha
Hugs! Holly

Reyna said...

WOAH baby! I don't use that meter. That would drive me nuts.

Sarah said...

yikes! I'd be freaking out...but I imagine when Isaac is his age he'll find a way to get my heart beating, too!