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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Day Dexcom Took a Dive

My kids love to swim. So you can imagine the excitement in our house today, when I announced that they could go swimming for the first time this year.
They changed into swimsuits and covered themselves in sunscreen faster than you can say “summer’s here!”
Then they raced into the backyard and jumped into the pool with glee. 
They played. They splashed. They swam from one end of the pool to the other. They did cannonball after cannonball.
After one particular cannonball, Jack popped up from underwater and began a string of repeat phrases, “Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!”
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“I’m so sorry, Mom. I’m so sorry. I am so sorry.”
“What are you sorry about? What’s wrong?”
“I forgot. I just forgot. I completely forgot.”
“What are you talking about? What did you forget? Why are you sorry? What’s wrong?”
He pulled the receiver for his Dexcom continuous glucose monitor out of the pocket of his swim trunks, and said, “I know you said to take it out, but I forgot. I’m so sorry.”
Jack was filled with remorse, and Dex was filled with water. 
Dex’s screen was blank. 
I pressed every button, striving for electronic CPR, but found no pulse. Dex was dead.

In a poolside panic, I called Gregg, who was at work. “Can you please call Dexcom?” I asked. “Jack took Dex swimming. I think Dex is dead. See if Dexcom has any advice. I’d call, but the kids don’t want to get out of the pool and I want to focus on them, not a phone conversation. But since it’s late on Friday afternoon, before a three-day weekend, I think we should call there immediately.”
We hung up, and Gregg called Dexcom.
I remembered reading somewhere that if you submerge water-logged electronic devices in rice, then the rice will draw out and absorb the moisture. 
So, I asked the kids to get out of the pool and take a quick swimming break.
While the kids played on the patio with the dog, I ran into the house, grabbed a container of rice and submerged Dex. He’s been in there for several hours now. I've checked on him a few times, and he still doesn’t appear to be working. I’m hoping that by tomorrow the rice will have revived our beloved Dex.

Even if he’s really, truly kaput, we’ll be okay. Gregg didn’t want to take any chances. When he called Dex, he ordered a new receiver.
And we both a made a mental note: never let Dex take a dive again!


Diane D said...

I've heard the rice trick can take a couple days...I hope it works!

Roselady said...

I've been pre-worrying about that all spring! (But, loved your post title -) Rice is a great idea. But, I think you made the right decision ordering a new receiver.

Wendy said...

LIVE DEX. L I V E!!!!!!!!!

Ah well. Total bummer...but congrats on getting the pool open, a new receiver, AND for handling it in a way that didn't leave Jack feeling down on himself.

Kelly said...

Ah man! What a bummer! Just goes to show he isnt always thinking about whats in his pocket, which is really a good thing right? :) We have had a couple dead pumps in our summer swim seasons....I wish I tried the rice! I hope it works out ok!

Stephanie said...

Dex, c'mon, you can do it !!!!

I am sure this is totally going to happen to us this year. I may as well go buy a big tub of rice right now. :)

Alexis Nicole said...

Oh no! Totallly my fear. J doesnt disconnect from the pump to swim so I am always worried Dex will get wet.

I wish warranty covered atleast 1 wet incident. Way to go like Wendy said. I may have flipped out not gonna lie. :/ those things are pricey!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Oh, no! So hope the rice works, but such a great thing that a new one was ordered just in case!
Yipee on the pool day...not even close to warm enough here yet, but honestly that's OK with me!!

Michelle said...

And here I was upset about Charlotte losing her Dexie sensor a few days early from playing rough in the pool today...within less than an hour she managed to bump out both Dexie and her pump sites, ugh!!! So sorry to hear about your Dexcom....I bet he felt awful, poor guy! Hope the rice trick helps!

Sarah said...

yeah for poolside cannon for a wet dex, hoping it dries out for you guys and now you have a back up. I'm amazed at your poise in handling the situation, you are quite the cool cucumber mama!

Amy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Both for the receiver and the organic texmati! Neither are cheap ;)

We have saved 2 soaked cell phones using the rice trick, but it did take a couple of days hanging out in the grains to get them to function.

Good call on ordering a new receiver . . . just in case!

I love how honestly sorry Jack was after realizing the Dexcom was in his pocket . . . . so sweet.

Reyna said...

Dear LORD! I hope he is revived by now...if not, I hope his replacement arrives soon. Funny, we just went a full 24 hours without a Dex in (Joe's fell out yesterday and he wanted a break ~ fine). I did not realize how dependent I have become on Dex. We marched in a parade and all kinds of Dex...and a couple of lows :( Dex is back in now...Joe was ready.

busymom said...

I know how you feel! Mary Claire has worn her pump into the pool before! She remembered immediately when the pump pouch got soggy and heavy! : ( It amazingly lived though!

I hope Dex comes out of his coma, and SO glad you have another on the way!!

But pool time? Awesome!! : ) HOlly

Jules said...

good luck with the rice technique. keep us posted. i had a laptop come back to life, after being drowned in spilled coke. it took time to dry out tho. an innocent mistake, poor boy sounded stressed about forgetting to remove it :( hope you have some joy from dexcom.

Anonymous said...

Our Dex flipped out of the holder Dex gives you when you buy it right into a hotel pool at Cape Cod. We retrieved it right away, but it still died on us. We did put it in rice, but not flat, as you pictured. We stood the Dex up so that the area where you hook it up to recharge was on the bottom so water inside could seep out. Recharged after two days; it did not work. Back into the rice and on Day 5, not only did it work, but as well as it had before. So don't give up. Let it dry out five or even seven days. Good luck! Perfect sized protective cover by the way.

sky0138 said...

I never would have thought of the rice idea! That is fantastic! Poor Dex...and poor Jack feeling so bad for forgetting to take it off before jumping in...:o( I hope the new Dex arrives soon and you all have a great week!

Hallie said...

Oh NO!! My parents new house has a creek next to it. Our new rule is that if we go to look at the creek, then Adex needs to be with the adult. But I know it's going to happen... Ugh! Hoping the rice helps!!

Jen said...

Poor Jack!! I am so worried about dex getting soaked and having to buy (gulp) another one. Great tips about the rice and thanks for the shout out. Your pool looks WONDERFUL btw. Wish I could come over for a swim!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Oh. I see now.

Caleb stepped in and quickly stepped out. His may have had a better chance from the get go, though I still would not give up hope!

Melissa said...

Our cordless home phone recently got wet. It took about a week to dry out on the bench then a recharge and as good as new. I hope you have similar success.