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Monday, May 9, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 1 - Admiring Our Differences


I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week, a week in which bloggers create daily posts revolving around a set topic. Thank you Karen from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for starting this awesome idea last year and continuing it this year!

Today’s topic: Admiring Our Differences
“Pick a type of blogger who is different from you
and tell us why they inspire you – why you admire them
– why it’s great that we are all the same but different.”

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m hooked on blogs written by adults living with T1D.

I have a different perspective than these bloggers. My pancreas works just fine. I read as a mother, whose beloved boy has diabetes, and as such, I gain tremendous insight from these bloggers.

While I hope there is a cure, if not in my lifetime, then in my son’s, I’m not holding my breath. I believe my CWD, child with diabetes, will grow into a PWD, person with diabetes.

So to me, reading these blogs is like looking into a crystal ball. I get glimpses of Jack’s future. Sure, treatments and technology are bound to be different in 20 years. Even the artificial pancreas project will probably be old news by then.  But most likely, Jack will still have to negotiate the world and live his  adult life with this disease.

I do not ever want diabetes to get in his way. So I feel encouraged when I learn that bloggers are furthering or completing their education, contributing professionally, getting married, having babies, running marathons , traveling the world and following dreams. And, quite honestly, I find comfort in reading about everyday activities, like making dinner, changing diapers, running errands, packing suitcases, enjoying hobbies and going to concerts, because it is those activities that make life whole.

Reading these blogs is also akin to reading an advice column. Often, PWDs will reflect on how their parents handled their diabetes or what it was like to grow up with diabetes. I learn what they think was good and what was not-so-good. There is a ton of general parenting books out there, but in comparison, a scant number of books on parenting a child with diabetes. The adult bloggers fill in the gap.

I want to raise a happy, confident, well-adjusted son. I want him to thrive with diabetes. I want to parent him well. I want to provide him with the best possible childhood and then let go when he’s ready for me to let go.

The PWDs give me guidance. They give me knowledge. They give me hope.


Amy said...

Thumbs up on this post, Heidi!!!! PWD's and their infinite wisdom rock :)

Lora said...

I agree 100% it IS like an advice column :) I never thought of it that way. Instead og "Dear Abby... we have "Dear PWD" :)

Reyna said...

Me too Heidi! I love the "crystal ball" that PWDs provide.

Cherished Children said...

I couldn't agree more!

Amy Lederer said...

Love the "crystal ball". They will never know how they strengthen our heart, will they? Maybe one day our boys will be that strength for another d-momma right where we are today.

George said...

As a PWD i love reading what parents of CWD write. So thank you for all you do.

Hallie said...

Well said! I agree!

Misty said...

Me too with the crystal ball! It really gives me hope to read PWDs blogs.

Alexis Nicole said...

Awesome post!! Seriously its like a PWD advice column X 1000 lol

Sarah said...

For me it also gives me stories to share with my husband allowing him to know he's not alone on this wild ride.

Joanne said...

Amen Heidi... I didn't start feeling okay about Elise's future until I "met" some PWD.