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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 2 - Letter Writing Day - Dear FreeStyle


I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week, a week in which bloggers create daily posts revolving around a set topic. Thank you Karen from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for starting this awesome idea last year and continuing it this year!

Today’s topic: Letter Writing Day
“Whomever you choose as a recipient,
today is the day to tell them what you are feeling."

Dear FreeStyle,
We love your test strips. We really, truly do. Yes, sometimes, we cheat on you when we get freebie OneTouch strips, but you're our fave. You're the one who stocks our supply cabinet. You're the one we buy month after month.

We love your pointy, tiny tabs that wick blood lickety split. We love that you never give us an Error 5. We love how little blood you need. We love that there's no messing with codes. We love the little light at the end of our FreeStyle meter that helps us to test Jack's blood in the dark. We love your FreeStyle Promise Program.

You rock, FreeStyle! You da bomb!

But we have a little question for the powers that be: when you redesigned your strips to their current state of awesomeness, why did you have to include your butterfly?

Now, we have nothing against your logo. We like butterflies.

But, you know, when you're a typical seven-year-old boy, you'd rather have no design on your strip than a butterfly.

It's kind of embarrassing to pull out your girly strip at school. Kids can be cruel, you know.
Remember your old design, the one that just said FreeStyle? Here, let me show you.

We liked that design. We miss that design. As the saying goes, newer isn't always better.
We happen to be liberal folks. As parents, my hubby and I don't buy into all the male-female specific stuff. As adults, we don't care what test strips look like. Functionality means more to us, and you, FreeStyle, have got that down!
But not everyone is as open-minded as we are. There's a whole lot of gender scripting and stereotyping going on out there in the world, and it's tough to fight it when you're a kid.
Diabetes is difficult enough as is. Test strips shouldn't make it worse. Test strips shouldn't carry the potential for teasing and embarrassment. 
Maybe with your next redesign, you could come up with something more gender neutral? Please, pretty please with a FreeStyle on top!

Thanks for your consideration.

Love you,


Reyna said...

I have never used the Freestyle meter or test strips Heidi. I have heard that it is a wonderful product...the butterflies would totally send Joe over the edge though. :)

Great letter.

Lora said...

Makes total sense! Justin would be like WTHeck??

It saddens me how mean kids can be.

Cherished Children said...

Great, creative post! You make me want a Free Style, of course I have a girl so she wouldn't be bothered by the butterfly. That does seem kind of silly that they wouldn't think of that. Oh, and thanks for the button add. I've added your's as well. =)

Scully said...

I can't believe I never thought of that. You are so right!

Michelle said...

I'd better not show this letter to my girlie-girl...she'll be requesting a meter change (we use the OneTouch remote meter with her Ping). I can imagine the boys using the butterfly strips are less than pleased!

Kris said...

Since my T1 is a girl, this is something I never would have thought about. But you are so right! They should have went with something gender neutral. Hopefully they will soon!

Wendy said...


You're totally right! I hope you send this to them!!!!

We loved Freestyle. LOVE. I miss Freestyle :(


my sweet girl said...

We LOVE the freestyle test strips, but Skyler is a 9 year old girl. I have never thought about it from a little boy perspective. Your right!!
I do think they are the best strips ever, but they should get rid of the butterfly!

Jen said...

Ha! Makes me think I should revel in the glorious preschool/homeschool days where gender scripting has not come into play yet. Addison does like butterflies and the color pink and things that sparkle!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

LOL!! We totally love the notch on the strips, too. And Bean, of course, loves the butterfly!
We'd be more than happy to 'give up' the butterfly to make life easier for all those studly D-boys, though!! ;)

Nicole said...

I see what you are saying a little girlie...ok really, a lot girlie. Cara would LOVE THEM :)!!

We have never used these strips before.

I do hope they re-think their design I feel for the boys!

Jules said...

Love this post! We are massive freeystyle lite fans too!

Joanne said...

Seriously? Kids make fun of that? Actually, I'm not surprised. A little girl in Elise's dance class (she's 4 going on 5) told me that she only wears Sketchers, and if you don't wear them, you're not cool. The mean part of me wanted to tell her that Sketchers will make her feet grow all hairy. The grown up part of me shut up.

Karen G said...

Hmmmm, that meter (with the LIGHT) and those test strips (with the BLOOD WICKING) both sound pretty awesome. And while I would love the butterfly on the strip . . . well, duh, a BOY certainly wouldn't!!! Come on, FreeStyle, make those strips more gender neutral for all my d-boy pals!!!