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Friday, May 13, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 5 - Awesome Things - Meeting Bret Michaels


I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week, a week in which bloggers create daily posts revolving around a set topic. Thank you Karen from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for starting this awesome idea last year and continuing it this year!

Today’s topic: Awesome Things
“What awesome thing have you (or your child)
done BECAUSE of diabetes?”

We met Bret Michaels! 
Taping a segment for his reality show, Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It, Bret visited T1 kids at our local children's hospital, and we were invited to be there.
We even made it onto the show. We didn't end up on the cutting room floor. Of course, we only got a few seconds of show time, and you need to look carefully to notice us.  But who cares! It's still a thrill!
At the beginning of this clip from the show, you can see Jack, Gregg and me, when Bret walks into the hospital cafeteria, waving to the crowd, saying "Thank you for being patient. Hello everybody! How y'all doin' tonight?"
We had waited for about three hours to meet him. That was three very long hours, but it was so worth it.
We were blown away by Bret's grace and humility. He made a point to greet every person in that hospital cafeteria. He shook hands. He smiled for photos. He signed autographs.
Fans brought posters, magazines and more for him to sign. We had nothing! How's that for poor planning? 

So I did what any resourceful D mama would do. From Jack's D kit, I pulled out an alcohol swab packet and had him sign that!

Jack Rock On! - Bret Michaels

An awesome thing indeed!


Nicole said...

:( I can't view your link...damn Canadian thing! But for sure an awesome thing!! Great post :)

Valerie said...

Clever! I have heard he's really nice--how cool that you all got to meet him!

Stephanie said...

OMG, SO AWESOME!!!! I think he is such an awesome role model for kids with T1D...and you really get the impression that he CARES and likes to spend time educating about T1. Love it!!

Joanne said...

Bahahaha! I have a pic with him where he's doing the exact same pose!

Very cool that you didn't end up on the cutting room floor! I've been on TV quite a few times and it's always so weird seeing yourself, isn't it?

Liz's Veiw on Life said...

That was so cool that you got to meet him.
I had to laugh when you gave him an alcolol wipe to sign, how appropriate!!

NikDuck said...

I love that you had him sign an alcohol swab! I really got into watching his show the past year. I wonder about his daughter though. Seemed like she might be diagnosed with diabetes, but it was very early on...they didn't say much about it.

Amy Lederer said...

Love it! Signing an alcohol swab. Hugs!!!

Amy said...

Fun -love the signed wipe. It would be cool to have a signed syringe too! My son got to meet Apollo Ohno in the hospital - too bad he had no clue who he was!

Reyna said...

Ha! The alcohol pad got to me. And, THAT is UBER-AWESOMENESS!!!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

So cool! I think it totally rocks that he signed the alcohol wipe! Just perfect!

shannon said...

Awesome! :D

Jen said...

LOVE the autographed swab..that couldn't have been any more awesome!

Amy said...

Did you pinch his butt? Please, oh please tell me you pinched Brett Michael's butt. Or, did you slap his butt? Yeah, that would be more his style ;)

Very fantabulous.