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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week: Day 7 - Step Outside the Box


I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week, a week in which bloggers create daily posts revolving around a set topic. Thank you Karen from Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for starting this awesome idea last year and continuing it this year!

Today’s topic: Wildcard - Step Outside the Box
“Take your diabetes thoughts and instead of blogging about them as usual,
push yourself to express them in a different way today. Make a vlog.
Create a piece of D-Art. Write a poem. Draw a cartoon. Post a collage. 
Anything goes - as long as its outside of your usual bloggy comfort zone.”

I am not one to write poetry. 
Letters, press releases, marketing materials, newspaper articles, magazine feature stories — yes. 
Poetry — no.
It's just not my thing. Though I do enjoy reading it.
On Thursday night, I attended the annual arts open house at my kids' school, and I was presented with a beautiful haiku that Madeline had composed.  
That got me thinking about the "step outside the box" wildcard topic, and I decided to give haiku a try.

I got on a roll and wrote several. 
Happy, healthy boy
Living life to its fullest
With diabetes
Pale, weak and wobbly
Fifty five the meter says
Another low strikes
No outward signs show
An invisible disease
Diabetes is
Enough already
For type one diabetes
A cure is needed
Share, support and learn
Blogs, Facebook and Twitter too
The D-O-C rocks
Seven set topics,
Two wildcards, many bloggers
Awesome D blog week


Reyna said...

:) You are talented Heidi! A poem would be WAY.OUTSIDE.MY.BOX.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

This was WAY.OUTSIDE.MY.BOX too. :) Writing poetry is NOT my thing, but Madeline inspired me. :)

The DL said...

I loved the poem! I think you are wrong when you say poetry is not your thing ;)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

You totally rocked the haiku!!

busymom said...

WooHoo! It's great! : )

I think you are right--it's an invisible disease. I know so many people "forget" Mary Claire has it.
: ( I guess it's good/bad. (glad we make it look easy, sad they don't know how much work that takes!)

And this? Would've been way out of my comfort zone too! : ) HOlly

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...


Lora said...

Your a poet and you didn't know it!!!
Look~ I rhymed!!!

Stephanie said...

Awesomeness, Heidi! ((hugs))

Jules said...

i LOVE the one about diabetes being an invisible nasty disease. i was shopping the other day and i was walking beside a parent pushing a physically disabled child in a wheel chair. she had thick glasses, what appeard to be breathing tubes (?) and i was painfully aware that my son has an 'invisible' disability, but an impaired pancreas all the same. then just yesterday i was talking to a woman with hashimotos and how debilitating it can be. you just have provoked all these thoughts in me, wiht you poem. lol, good job.

Amy said...

Dang it, Lora stole my witty comment. ;)

Heidi, my dear, I feel such a kinship with you. Thank you for the sweet comments on my posts and for always making me smile when I see you left a new one.

I think D has made me triple long-jump out of my own comfort zone and. Oddly enough, I am very grateful for the challenge. I have grown so much more compassionate towards others and patience is now something I think I have a grasp on. . . . maybe ;)

Love ya, lady!

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