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Monday, May 30, 2011

New Digs for Dex

Our beloved Dex has been sitting in rice for two days now. It's still not showing any signs of life, but I can still see moisture in it, so I'm not giving up hope just yet. 
I'm really curious as to whether the rice will do the trick. I suspect the rice needs more time to work its magic. So I'm giving it time, and I'll keep you posted on what happens next, if anything.
Dex #2 should be here on Tuesday, and I wanted to be ready for its arrival. 

We're not taking any more chances with Dex this summer! So today, we went to R.E.I. and bought a waterproof case for it.
I got the idea from Jen at I am Your Pancreas and Roselady at Diapeepees. Thank you, ladies!

Dex fits well inside the case, and then the case holding Dex fits nicely into the side pocket of Jack's cargo shorts. I think it's going to provide perfect protection for summer camp, where swimming and water play are a part of every day. 

It will be great for when we're at home, too...just in case Dex happens to take another dive.

And just in case you're wondering...


Roselady said...

I also read on one of the sites that it is good to put in one of those things that come with new shoes -- those little absorption packets that say "Do Not Eat." Silca Gel? B/c I think moisture can somehow still build up in the waterproof case itself. So, I was going to stick one in with my case...Amy

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

I might have to go find one of those cases too! I hate being without dex while we are swimming!

Hope yours comes back to life, but also thankful you already have a new one on its way. :)

Stephanie said...

We will have to hit REI this week - thanks for the tip!!

Wendy said...

Totally cool. TO-TAL-LY!!!!!

I'll be curious about your review!!!!

Swim on!

Hallie said...

That looks great!! We may need to pick one up!

Reyna said...

Ah BUMMER. I was hoping for some the Rice Resuscitation to work Heidi. Good luck getting #2 started tomorrow.

Jules said...

oooh so that is totally waterproof. i had to laugh at your diagram. love it. the rice dust is classic. i hope it does help suck moisture out of that baby.

busymom said...

That's a cool case, and a great idea! : ) I'd totally try the silica gel packet too. I know you'll be SO relieved to get the new one tomorrow, I hope it comes early!! : ) Holly

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I'm reading backwards - so sorry to hear about Dex. Caleb walked into the pool with his once. Rice brought it back to life within 24 hours looking for it's sensor.

Nevertheless, thinking a trip to REI might be in order!

Amy said...

Too bad the rice didn't work :(.

Great idea about this little waterproof case, though! We have a big one for the pool and for our upcoming trip. Will review after it has been used!