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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The other day I was laughing at Jack. Today, I’m laughing at myself. I have a story for you that would have been perfect for blooper day during Diabetes Blog Week.
Today was a hectic, go-go-go kind of a day. There was no time to stop and think.
We ended the afternoon with the endocrinologist for Jack’s quarterly appointment.
We were sitting in an exam room, chatting with the endo, when Dex beep-beep-beeped, alerting us to a possible low.
So as I listened to the doc talking, I opened the D kit to grab Jack’s testing supplies.
And I discovered we had no test strips with us! 
Oh, yeah, that’s right! NO TEST STRIPS! Zero, zip, zilch, NADA!
I had brought every frickin’ meter we own, so the doc could download all the data. I had brought the lancing device. I had brought the CGM. I had brought insulin, syringes and two different types of alcohol swab packets. I had brought glucagon. I had brought water, juice, fruit snacks, glucose tabs and glucose gel. I had brought back-up batteries for the electronics and extra needles for the lancing device. I had even brought iPod Touches to entertain the kids. 

That D kit was stocked!
Yet, somehow, I had left the test strips at home! I NEVER leave home without test strips. 
Today, I did, and where were we? At an endo appointment, the most embarrassing place in the world to make a mama pancreas mistake! 
Was that a dumb move or what?!
We keep extra supplies in the car, but I was mortified. I could not believe the kit was devoid of strips. I was not about to announce my oops to the endo, excuse myself and run to the car.
Since Dex told me Jack was 68, I pretended to have my act together and just handed Jack a glucose tab.
Five minutes later, Dex went off again. Beep, beep, beep!
“Do you feel low?” I asked Jack.
“Nope, not at all,” he replied.
“CGMs are great, but they’re not always accurate,” the doctor reminded me.
So I ignored the CGM and continued talking with Gregg and the doctor.
Of course, a few minutes later, Dex beeped some more.
“Why don’t you just test him?” Gregg asked me. (I was holding the D kit. Otherwise, Gregg probably would have just tested Jack himself.)
I gave Gregg “the look,” you know the “Shhh! Not right now!” look.
But Jack forced me to fess up, when he asked, “Yeah, mom, shouldn’t we test? I'm kind of feeling low now.” 
At this point, the conversation with the doctor stopped, and the room suddenly grew silent, as everyone waited for my answer.
“Well, I would, but would you believe we have no test strips with us?” I admitted, feeling more embarrassed than I did in the 7th grade when, doing push-ups in P.E., I accidentally farted.
“What?” Gregg asked in disbelief.
“Oh, yeah, I brought everything a child with diabetes could possibly need, but test strips.”
“Well, at least we’re in the right place for test strips,” Gregg laughed.
Our wonderful endo then jumped up, opened a cabinet, found an unopened sample box of Freestyle test strips and handed it to me without saying a word. He spared me. He’s a jokester, our endo. He knows us well and likes to tease us. I was sure he would have some snarky comment for me, but he kept quiet.
I still wanted to die of embarrassment. Of all the times to leave test strips at home!
At least Jack’s A1C was decent!


Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

That is so stinkin' funny! I'm glad your endo spared you the's nice when those who can joke with us also know when not to joke!!

Reyna said...

Ha! I would have done the same. Cram glucose tabs according to Dex to save face!!! Oy. Great story Heidi and way to go with the A1C!

sky0138 said...

totally crackin up at the grade 7 push-up/fart incident! Ahh...been there before! Glad to hear the endo knew when not to joke around too!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Although embarrassing, it's almost like these things happen this way for a reason. The ONLY place I have even left/forgotten Caleb's PDM case was at his endo. Felt like a fool, but she stayed late to give us a chance to come back bc she knew how important it was.

Ah, they many and varied joys of D!

Roselady said...

Great story. But, the one about gym class was just as funny.

Denise said...

I think of any place to not have test strips on you, it is the endo office! I once forgot to bring any snacks or sugar to a training with our cde shortly after diagnosis. Of course this is when Bryce happened to start feeling low. Luckily they had a supply of glucose tabs as well as graham crackers and pb. Needless to say, I ALWAYS have snacks with me now. :-)

Sarah said...

oye! One of those moment, eh?! Glad the endo saved you and let you save face ;)

Amy said...

The farting story is so much better. Forgettign test strips, even at the endo, is so blase in the D-mom world ;)

I once farted coming up from a downward-facing-dog position in yoga class. You know, it's all candle-lit, mellow music playing, quiet breathing and then "PPPPffffffftttttttt". I didn't even have the chance to try and hide it because I started laughing so hard! Ah well. Better to laugh at yourself than at someone else, right?!

Lora said...

Wait! You "fluffed" while pushup-in in 7th grade? HEIDI??? J/K I did have to go back and make sure that IS what that actally said.

I am sure you were horrified!

I always have strips(my hubby forgets those), but I forget the lancet... a lot!

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Ok - the farting incident made me laugh out loud as did you giving Gregg --- "the look".

Thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

Ha - nice one! This reminds me of the first time I took my baby daughter (1st kid) to the pediatrician alone. I was trying so hard to be on top of everything and then when I had to get her undressed for the exam discovered she had done one of those major yellow shits that goes everywhere like up the back all the way to her neck - ugh! I frantically tried to clean everything up before the doctor came and and discovered I was an unfit mother!

Nicole said...

I hate when the endo see these little hiccups. I mean, we can't be perfect but it would be nice if the endo thought that we were :)

Nice try to same that!!

Wendy said...


Earmark this one for next DBlogWeek fo sho!

I's NOTHING like showing up to a potluck WITHOUT INSULIN or anything....