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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I like a little Shedd's Spread with my Popsicles.

Last week, I was in the grocery store with the kids, and we passed by a freezer full of Popsicles. 
You know what came next. My three children began to beg and plead.
“Can we get Popsicles? Please, please, please!”
“Yeah, we want Popsicles.”
“If you get us Popsicles, we promise we won’t ask for anything else.” 
The next thing I knew, a box of sugar-free orange, cherry and grape Popsicles was sitting in my grocery cart. Normally I don’t buy them, and in general, I’m not a fan of sugar-free foods, but I figured why not? It’s summer, right? All things in moderation, right? Make the kids happy, right?
So I bought the kids some frozen fun.

We went home, and before I could lug all of the groceries in from the car, the kids had opened the box and were claiming their colors.
“I want a red one!”
“Me too! I want red!”
“I want purple!” 
I had looked at the nutritional label in the grocery store, but I wanted to double check the Popsicles' carb content. I picked up the box and discovered a nasty little surprise. 
The pull-tab that opens the box had ripped right through the center of the nutritional label, as it’s designed to do.

So today, with my kids in camp and a quiet house all to myself, I called the phone number listed on the Popsicle box. 
When I finally reached a customer service representative, I explained that I have a son with type 1 diabetes, and therefore, I must read nutrition labels and account for every gram of carbohydrate that he consumes, even if the food item is sugar-free.
I described how the Popsicle box pull-tab destroyed the nutritional label. I talked more about the importance of that label, especially considering that the individual Popsicle packaging lacks a label. I told her how I had to dig the pieces of the pull tab out of the trash, feeling lucky that I’d actually been able to retrieve them and fit them together like puzzle pieces.

She asked questions. I gave answers. 
She said, "I'm very sorry you had trouble with your Popsicle box." 
I didn't have trouble with the box. It opened exactly as it was designed to open. The issue is that the box features a poor design that, when opened properly, renders its nutrition label useless. I can't help but wonder about the intentions there.
And then you know what she offered me?
A coupon for Shedd’s Spread Country Crock! I kid you not! 
Just goes to show you that truth is stranger than fiction.
Now, I didn’t call there wanting freebies or coupons. I simply wanted to give what I believe is important feedback. But, if I’m going to be offered a coupon, shouldn’t it be for the product about which I’m calling? Or at least a related or similar product? 
What made her think I want a coupon for Shedd's Spread? Imitation butter and flavored ice pops don't exactly go together. I never once said, "I like a little Shedd's Spread with my Popsicles."
A useless nutrition label and a mindless customer service representative! That speaks volumes about the company, doesn't it?!
I'm now laughing over the ridiculousness of the conversation. I mean, come on! The only thing she could do was offer me a coupon for freaking Shedd's Spread?!
The next time my kids ask for Popsicles, perhaps I'll suggest we buy some Shedd's Spread instead. I'm sure they'll love that. 
I wonder what flavors Shedd's Spread comes in. You think it comes in orange, cherry and grape?


Stephanie said...

Oh dear...that is crazy! "Yes, ma'am, I have a lovely coupon here for some Shedd's Spread for your troubles." Hilarious!

Those popcicles are a staple in our house...they are Adam's "free" treat in the summer!

AjsMommy82 said...

I noticed this problem a few weeks ago! I should totally call and get a coupon!!! LOL :)
How hard would it be to move the little pull tab to the other side of the box!!!

Denise said...

Shedd's Spread...that is an interesting choice. wth?

NikDuck said...

I'm sorry you had a problem with your popsicle box...that is crazy! Definitely should be on the other side of the box. Natalie eats sugar free popsicles every day. I'm not crazy about the fake sweetener, but feel like I don't have much other choice since she doesn't do shots for snacks. If you have kroger, we actually get their brand and I think they are lower carb?? Anyway, enjoy your shedd's spread this summer!

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

Ridiculous! Almost as helpful as those coupons you get when you check out for completely unrelated items or for the competitor's brand for an item you bought.

shannon said...

ahahah I love that you now have a Shedd's Spread Country Crock tag!

There was a truck in front of the grocery store yesterday offering free samples of a new pizza. I asked for the carb info and she brought the package out. The carb count was for 1/3 of the pizza. I asked her how many slices were in a pizza and she said, "It depends on how you slice it!" After a bit of explanation I was finally able to figure out the carbs.

I'm glad you called the company, even if the CSR was a little clueless.

The DL said...

Did you laugh at her?!?! I would have!?!?! Did you take it? LOL Usually when this happens to me, I just look it up online. I know it's annoying, but I have to look up most things anyway.

Jules said...

OMG!!! hahah that is totally ridiculous! who designs these things? its crazy that companys have no interest in WHY they are printing this info on their packaging.

sky0138 said...

LOLOL!! I am totally cracking up here! I completely agree though about the poor placement of the nutritional info on the box...that's ridiculous. Every time I go to the grocery store now and pass by the Shedd's Spread I know I will be holding back the giggles. :o)

Michelle said...

Truth is DEFINITELY stranger than fiction in this instance! Did she even offer to forward the information you were providing about the nutrition label...I'm assuming not, but have to ask.

Reyna said...

Ah...WEIRD!!! AND, who on earth designed that box!? Really. That is aggravating.

Kudos to you for calling and trying to remedy the situation Heidi.

Amy Lederer said...

I have a box of those popcicles in my home ALL the time. I never noticed the nutrition label being on the perferated side. So, I had my oldest just now grab me the box to look at. I wish I could post a pic . . . someone opened the WRONG side of the box and the nutrition label AND the perferated tab are still in tact! LOLOLOL. Only in my house. Betcha someone opened and has always opened from the wrong end so we can see the carbs. I just know by heart . . . 11g carbs per pop! I know it was frustrating. I just don't know how I've missed it after going through about 50 boxes. ;)

busymom said...

hahahaha! Ok, sorry. That does suck. (We eat them all the time though, so I can tell you they are 4 grams!)
But...Shedd's Spread? What on Earth does that have to do with popsicles? And did they pledge to move the stupid Nutrition Facts??
I'll call and complain too-I just lived with it. (BTW-we eat the Dt. Soda ones, and the Banana Mania too!)

Hallie said...

That is hilarious! And very frustrating because the box design is just plain stupid. But butter??? LMBO!!!

Jen said...

Too funny!!

Diabetesmom2009 said...


I'm soo sorry for what happened,as I read your story on that I was like...WTH ALSO..But then as it came to the ending, I finished your blog laughing. There isn't humor in diabetes at all, but WTH was she thinking? Now if that was me, I would have gone to the lengths and to get you a manager or a number where someone other then myself (just answering the phone) could really help you. Thanks for that story..Oh and by the way, we never open it from the tab, we always open it from the top, actually, never knew there was a tab on the side of them??? LOL....I have to go check now!!

Buy PGX said...

They should see to it that the product packaging is done the right way.