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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There went our waterproof case...

It was bound to happen.
I just didn’t think it would happen on day one.
Yes, day one.
Day one of Dex nestled in his waterproof case.
Yesterday morning, I sealed Dex in his new case and sent him off with Jack on their first day of summer camp. Dex stayed safe and dry, and Jack had a blast. 
Jack came home tired and, while watching TV, fell asleep on the playroom floor.

Dex fell out of Jack’s pocket. Or, perhaps Jack checked Dex and left him on the floor.
Regardless, Alex, our dog, found Dex and thought it would make a good chew toy. 
And there went our waterproof case. 
Dex survived unharmed, thank goodness.
But, can you guess where I’m going today? Back to R.E.I. to buy another case, of course.

If my guys weren’t so sweet, especially when they sleep, I might be annoyed, but I’m not. It was bound to happen. 
Such is life with a boy and his dog...a dog who only chews the things the boy and his siblings leave on the floor (other than his own dog toys). He never chews shoes or furniture. I’ll lose an inexpensive, waterproof plastic case over a pair of shoes any day!
Perhaps I should buy two cases today?
P.S. In case you’re wondering, we declared Dex # 1 dead. After 10 days, and still no signs of life, we agreed that no amount of time or rice was going to revive him. 

P.P.S. If you haven’t already registered, please consider participating in the Race to Cure Diabetes. It’s a virtual 5k that you can complete any time over a three-day period. I’m not a runner, and it’s going to be hot outside, but I’m doing it. I’m going to walk and help fund the cure! This "race" costs a mere $10, but that puts us $10 closer to a cure. Plus, there are prizes just for entering. Won't you please join us? See Mommy’s a Runner for details.


The DL said...

There is no way you could get mad at those two cuties :)

Tracy (The Crazy Pancreas) said...

1) WAY too cute! Both boys are adorable sleeping.

2) Definitely need 2 cases this time! Totally need to get one/two myself. :)

3) That stinks that Dex#1 never came back to life. I had hoped it would.

AjsMommy82 said...

For sure get 2 this time! And I'll keep REI in mind when we finally get or Dex :)

Denise aka 'Mom of Bean' said...

It's a good thing our kiddos (and pets!) are so cute when they sleep...sometimes it's their only saving grace! ;)
Would def get 2...always good to have a back-up!

sky0138 said...

awww they are some serious CUTIES!!

Reyna said...

Awww...they both look like they have been having FUN TIMES! AND...BIG BUMMER on Dex #1.

Thanks for the shout out for the Race. I did one on blades today...alongside my friend that had to do it early. We had a blast.

Michelle said...

Boy can I relate to the dog chewing the kids stuff left on the floor. I'm constantly telling the girls they have to pick behind themselves or the dog will eat their toys.

Glad it was just the case and Dex survived! Cute pics!!!

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Sorry about the case the Dex #1. How can we be mad? Such sleeping cuties!!

Jules said...

OMG they are you def cannot be mad at them! that blows abt dex the first. so the rice didnt work, theres no signs or life? are they advertised at all as waterproof?

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Thank you all! They are cuties indeed! :)

@ Jules - Nope, no signs of life. It's dead, dead, dead. They are not advertised as waterproof. I was just hoping it would dry out and work again, but no such luck.