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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Treats

My kids love to try new snacks. So when I was offered the opportunity to sample and review the new Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom snack size vanilla ice cream cones and vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches, I went for it.
Both the cones and sandwiches are small in size and low in carbs, calories and fat with no sugar added. 
My kids really enjoyed them. Here’s what they had to say.

The ice cream was shipped to us in a cooler filled with dry ice. For fun, we dumped the dry ice into our pool. Check it out! 

(A few words about the video...A massive dust storm rolled through our area the night before we did this, so both the pool and the deck were very dirty. They’ve since been cleaned. Also, Madeline was the videographer, using her iPod Touch. Please excuse her shakiness and the narrow frame.) 


Lora said...

How cool with the dry ice :)

Diane D said...

I love the video :) Are you making a potion? LOL

shannon said...

those look so yum! i'm gonna check them out next time i'm at the grosh.

Amy said...

Thanks for the kid friendly reviews on the sweet treats!

My favorite was the video of the dry ice hitting the pool. Very cool!

And, really?! You think we are looking at dust and dirt when all we can thjink about is WAY COOL!!!

Valerie said...

I love when one of your kids asked if you were making a potion--so cute. And it really did look like you were! Very cool.

Roselady said...

Very fun post. Nice creativity. Nice science experiment!

Un-Apologetic Diabetic said...

Now I'm totally hungry for ice cream. Those looked so good!!!

That video was awesome! Now I'm wishing for ice cream and a pool!!! :)

Holly said...

I can't imagine not liking something with the words Ice Cream and Chocolate in the name! : ) Yum!

We are experimenting eating the Sugar Free Fudgepops (same brand as the fruit pops you had before..can't remember the name, big yellow boxes!), they only have 2 g. of sugar alcohol (not too bad), and 10 g. carbs for one. I can live with that. : ) AND? IT's chocolate!! : ) YUM!

sky0138 said...

such a cool video! Definitely going to have to show that one to Emma in the morning! Very cool!

Trev said...

Hey there,

Our middle child missed the D-boat, but a couple of my other kiddos unfortunatly caught it! That is a really cool video!