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Monday, September 26, 2011

Stick a fork in me.

I was just talking to a friend. She’s had problems with her feet for a number of years now, and today, she was telling me about her latest issue where she felt as though she were “being jabbed with a million needles” on the bottom of one foot.

“I’m so tired of this,” she said. “I’ve dealt with foot problems long enough. I’m done. I just want all these problems to go away.”

I can SO relate! 
Can’t you?!
Doesn’t every person who lives with diabetes, or any chronic, serious and/or life threatening health condition, feel the same?

I am done with diabetes. Stick a fork in me DONE!!!

(Don’t worry. All is well with us. In fact, our D life has been rather uneventful lately. My lack of posting, reading and commenting is only because the kids’ homework and activities are consuming me. Really it's not the activities; the kids aren't doing that much. It's Madeline’s 4th grade work that's kicking is our behinds! But, I’d like to be done with diabetes, wouldn’t you?)


sky0138 said...

most definitely would love to be done with it! so tired of being tired

Kelly said...

So Done!

Stephanie said...

I'm Sooooooo done too. Had to run up to the school today to take care of not one, but TWO sites getting pulled out. This tubing thing is for the birds...definitely not for an active, not-so-careful 5 year old boy!

Michelle said...

I agree...and I'm certain my little sweetie would too :)

Sarah said...

yes, please...or just a true night off...not one where somebody else is checking or a machine is on duty, but a full night of sleep without any anxiety or fear. That'd be nice.

Reyna said...


Meagan said...

I'm so with you. Been done for a while now...too bad "D" won't take a hint and leave already. :)

Wendy said...

Thanks, I'm done.

No need to top off the ol' glass over here.

No more D for me.

How many ways can I say it before it actually happens?

Tracy1918 said...

Oh yeah!