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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Blood Biotch

Wiped out kids showing their "battle wounds"

Madeline and Max needed to have blood drawn for some diagnostic tests and had lab appointments one recent afternoon.
During the car ride over to the lab, fear struck, and after we’d arrived, they were nervous wrecks in the waiting area. Max jumped onto my lap, wrapped his arms around me and whispered repeatedly, “I’m scared, mama.” All the while, Madeline was snuggling in under my arm and looking as though she was going to burst into tears at any moment.
By the time we were finally called out of the waiting area and into the phlebotomist’s room, Madeline and Max were having full-blown melt downs. Both were crying, and Max was trying to leave the room, bellowing “You’re not going to do this to me!”
Jack was super sweet, trying to comfort his brother and sister. “I have blood drawn every year, and I promise you that it doesn’t hurt that much. It’s not that bad. Stop crying. You’ll be okay. Needles don’t hurt that much.”
After hearing that, the phlebotomist spun around and glared at Jack as if he were a freak. “You’re weird!” she said.
Excuse me??? I instantly went into D mama bear protective mode. How dare she say that to my child, who must use a needle to draw blood from his fingers 10 to 12 times per day and who must get 4 to 8 insulin injections per day in order to survive! 
Could she have been any more rude, insulting and unprofessional? Who says stuff like that to a kid? 
She immediately realized what she’d just said and tried to cover up with “I mean that in the best way, of course.”
Yeah, sure you do, lady!
Fortunately, Jack was too busy trying to console Madeline and Max to hear what she’d said, but I heard it, and now I’m thinking her boss should hear it, too.

I am a D mama! Hear me roar!

"I want this thing off of me!"


Amy said...

Yeah, well, phlebotomists are weird for choosing that sadistic kind of work ;).

I just got back from a blodod draw myself, this morning, and used my T1D girl's bravery to give me strength not to wince. Our D kids are a special group of people who get the opportunity to show people how bravery looks e-v-e-r-r-y-d-a-y!

Way to go, Jack . . . . helping you siblings get through an emotional road block is pretty darn cool in my book :)

Kelly said...

OH MY GOSH!!! WHAT? I cant believe any health professional would say that! Im so sorry!

Maddison took her first couple blood draws like it was nothin....and then one day BOOM! She freaked out! Now everytime its a battle and you wonder how to ease the anxiety, FEAR. -Sigh- Poor kiddos. At least they weren't too traumatized and smiled proudly for the picture!

Kelly said...

Roar away!
I have an attempted...meaning we still haven't gotten up the nerve to try again with Our Sugar Babie since the experience with the phlebotomist was so bad...blood draw story of my own... and I most definitely called the supervisor to report it!

Joanne said...

Wow... what a jerk. Who would say that to a kid?

You tell 'em!

shannon said...

that comment deserves a roar for SURE! jeez.

love that jack was doing what he could to help the other kids though. :)

Sarah said...

completely uncalled for...however, around our house the term "weird" is almost a compliment, we have taken a liking to the word as we feel that all of us are a bit off, unique and wonderful. Your little dude for sure is unique and wonderful for seeing a time he can use his experiences to help his siblings, what a loving family you've helped create :)

sky0138 said...

totally an inappropriate comment...what an idiot she was! You have one awesome kiddo there trying to console his siblings too...that's fantastic!

Wendy said...

WHAT???????? I'd be stuck between anger and fear. Angry at the the blatantly rude comment, yet incredibly aware that this person is sticking a needle in my child's arm.

Great job, Jack. You're an awesome brother!

Kristin said...

Wow - that was tactful. What adult would be that immature? Most phlebotomists (esp those who work with kids) have amazed me with how skilled and soothing they are. Glad your kids took no notice!

Meagan said...

Oh my! People certainly don't think before opening their mouths do they???

I have a lab tech that I visit (even though I'm 35) at my doc's office, and if she's not there to do it...I'll literally leave and come back when she is. ONLY Shehnaz draws my blood, there are too many biotchy people out there and they aren't coming near me w/needles! Too bad I have to get blood drawn so darn often!

Hope your brave little kiddies aren't too upset and that you did something awesome afterwards.