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Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Justice

A few weeks ago, my fellow D mama Alexis asked for support for her son Justice here
That weekend, we were hosting a pool party for local D families, and I thought it would be fun to gather the kids together and make a video card for Justice.
So, at the party, we piled the kids onto the couch and asked them to help Justice. The kids were not coached. They had no script and no time to prepare. They simply spoke from their hearts.
When we shot the video, it was dark outside, and the lighting was poor. The adults were chatting nonstop in the background, too. So, please disregard the production values.
Just enjoy the message from this group of caring kids, which includes Jack, Sugar, Oldestthe Superhero, their siblings and friends. In case you're wondering, Oldest is the incredible spokesperson for the group. :)


Wendy said...

YAY!!!! You did an awesome job with the video, Heidi :) Love these kids...and love Justice too!!!!!


Alexis Nicole said...

I am in tears!! I love love love my Dmama crew and kids!

Justice could not stop smiling it was amazing. Thank you a million times!

sky0138 said...

what an awesome video and awesome group of kiddos!! LOVE this!

Princess LadyBug said...

You guys are so awesome!!! Just makes me wish I had found all of you guys years ago. :)

Now I have to go find some tissue. You guys ROCK!!

Reyna said...

So, you started my day out with the BIGGEST SMILE EVER! Loved the video for Justice. I cannot wait to show Joe. Love you!

Penny said...

Just wonderful - love it!

Scully said...

Wow. This was so awesome!!
so many kids!! wicked.

Kelly said...

Too cool for words!

Tracy1918 said...


shannon said...

consider my heart sufficiently warmed! i hope it made justice happy, cos it made me happy too! thanks for doing this! :D