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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My cell phone is dying. It overheats. It freezes. It refuses to turn on, and when it does, it’s slower than LA traffic during rush hour.
At times, my cell phone is Jack's lifeline. I can't be without a phone. I need a new one.
Thus, seeing my phone’s demise quickly approaching, I went this morning to the local Apple store and waited for over two hours to buy the new iPhone 4S.
Behind me in line stood “Chatty Charles.” “Chatty Chad” stood behind him. They each professed their love for all things Apple.
They babbled about the new OSX Lion. They got giddy when discussing iCloud. They swore they couldn’t live without Apple TV. They traded tips. They shared favorite apps. These guys appeared to be true Apple fanatics.
Bored out of my tree, and admittedly an Apple lover myself, I chatted a wee bit, too. Who doesn't want a good tip or two?
At one point, however, I had to stop talking immediately and turn around in shock when Chatty Charles, a man in his 60s, who should have more wisdom than he apparently has, made a ridiculous, asinine, ignorant and insulting comparison. "This Apple addiction of mine,” he said, “is like a disease. It's like cancer or diabetes or something."
Your Apple addiction is like a disease???? It’s like diabetes????
No, no, it's not.
It's NOTHING like a disease. It’s NOTHING like cancer, and it’s certainly NOTHING like diabetes.
I couldn’t take it, but right then, a nice Apple rep plucked me from the line. It was a good thing for Chatty Charles, I suppose, because I was about to give him a piece of my mind. It is Diabetes Awareness Month, after all.
*For the record, I walked out the store seriously disappointed...more like furious...without a new phone. A few weeks ago, I tried to buy a new iPhone from AT&T. The AT&T rep told me I would get one quicker from Apple. So, every night, I’ve been checking the Apple website for iPhone availability. Today, when I finally had my hands on the high-in-demand iPhone, I was told I couldn’t buy it, because we have a business account for our cell service. Gregg is on the phone with AT&T, dealing with this debacle as I type. If anyone out there has the new 4S, please tell me it’s worth waiting for and much, much better than my ancient, dying 3G.


Stephanie said...

That sounds maddening (both the idiotic comment AND the Apple stuff!) My Droid is making me nutz too (freezing when I need to make a call) and I can't wait until March when I can get a new iPhone. That Siri thing has me intrigued. :)

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Extreme Android lover here... but I have heard that the new iPhone is very cool. :o)

As for the idiot. Well, lets just pray for him, shall we? (rolling eyes)

Joanne said...

What a jerkwad!

As for the iphone, my husband has the latest one (because his work pays for it), and I must admit, it is pretty cool. And I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't care much for cell phones and didn't have one until 4 years ago.

Diane D said...

Okay so I don't have one can "ask siri" How many carbs are in a bagel and it tells you!!!! I am trying to figure out if a phone upgrade is a medical necessity ;)

Sarah said... what Donna said! (i'll send a prayer up, too!)
As for i-phones, I wish I could add to the discussion, but currently I am trying to keep far away from them as they are an object of much desire to my 5 yr old and I just don't have the patience to constantly tell him that he can't play with my phone. I'll leave him to bug his father about that!

Hallie Addington said...

Oooh! I would have hit the roof!!

I just got the 4s- on it right now! Had a 3G. LOVE! The new features are nice. Love Siri. Love the camera! I think it's worth it!

sky0138 said...

OH MAN! there are seriously some ignorant fools walking around unsupervised in public! Hope you get the phones situation sorted out soon :o)

Scully said...

truly.. an idiot!!!
glad the apple rep got you in time!
and wtf, you wait 2 hours and still walk out empty handed? i hate shit like that. Hope you find your apple peace soon. :)

NikDuck said...

Ughh to that STUPID comment! My blood pressure just rose reading that!