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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pink Ribbons and Blue Circles

“Hey, mom, look! It’s the breast cancer symbol!” Madeline exclaimed today, as we passed a crowd of women walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.
Surprised that she’d recognized the pink ribbon and had associated it with breast cancer, I asked, “How do you know that’s the breast cancer symbol?”
“Duh, mom! Everyone knows that!” Madeline replied, as if I'd just asked the dumbest question ever.

Oh, how I wish everyone knew the diabetes symbol, too.
At least with it being Diabetes Awareness Month, and with World Diabetes Day coming up on November 14th, we're working on it. 

But really, some day, I hope there's no need for either of these symbols. 


Scully said...

everyone WILL know the diabetes symbol if we keep screaming it like we are! :)

Reyna said...

Me too. It would be so nice if the need to spread awareness and make these diseases visible would be no more.

Donna ((Sweet Momma)) said...

Yep! I agree. Totally.

Kelly said...

So true!

Nicole said...

I hear ya sister :)

sky0138 said...

so completely hear you on this! I am so proud of the DOC for making diabetes awareness month have a known presence so far this month!

NikDuck said...

Yep, I'm all for breast cancer awareness and finding a cure, but what about the CHILDREN with diabetes and how their lives are turned upside down at such a young age?!