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Monday, November 14, 2011

WDD Postcard Exchange

Because of where some people are geographically, the options
for connecting with others on World Diabetes Day are limited or don’t
exist at all. My belief is that no matter where you live, you should be
able to participate in World Diabetes Day by connecting to someone
else with diabetes. It’s not the same as hanging out with people in
person, but I feel like a postcard exchange will allow us all to
celebrate together. Imagine postcards with bright blue circles
spinning around the globe, connecting us to each other!”
Lee Ann Thill, The Butter Compartment

I could not pass up the opportunity to participate in such a fabulous project! I think it’s a great way to unite the DOC and add a little more art into our lives.
Thank you, Lee Ann, for initiating and organizing the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange!
Here’s our postcard, which we sent to a family in Maine. We hope it makes them smile and feel connected.


Kelly said...

I love it!

Jules said...

thats fantastic!

sky0138 said...

love it! i definitely need to not be a procrastinator and get in on this next time!