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Monday, September 24, 2012

Diabetes Art Day 2012

I love diabetes art day. It’s my favorite DOC event. 

This year, I had the “brilliant” idea of letting the kids paint with insulin syringes. 

Unless Jack is giving himself a shot (which rarely happens now that he's pumping insulin), syringes are off-limits for the kids. So, Madeline and Jack jumped at the opportunity to suck up and inject paint. 

Unfortunately, the idea didn’t pan out as expected. We couldn’t suck up any paint! Ooh, were we all disappointed!

Still wanting to paint, Madeline and Jack quickly came up with plan B. They yanked out the syringe plungers and used them as paint brushes.

Madeline took a traditional route. 

Jack paid homage to Jackson Pollock and had a blast with the “drip and splash” method.

While the kids were doing that, I got into the art day spirit, sculpting a meter out of left-over salt dough. (This morning, Jack made a salt dough map of our state for a school project.)

I snagged a little of the kids’ paint and decorated my meter, too.

I said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love diabetes art day!


Courtney said...

I tried to suck up paint too and was met with disappointment :/

I love the art that they made...especially Jack's piece...drip and splash is one of my favorite methods :)

Kelly said...

Love all the creations and your kiddos creative spirit! That number on the meter made me smile!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love this! Great job you guys! Too bad the paint and syringe idea didn't work out - I imagine the paint was just too thick?

Nicole said...

Great Job EVERYONE!!

Reyna said...

LOVE the number on your meter Heidi.

sky0138 said...

love this idea too! beautiful artwork from all! :o)